Lack-Leni totally in love: Mini-Klum kisses in Milano


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Leni Klum in Milan
Milan Fashion Week was a huge success for Leni Klum – but she presented the biggest one on Instagram. (archive image) © action press, ActionPress

For Leni Klum (18) things couldn't be better at the moment. The daughter of Heidi Klum (49) is totally in demand as a young model in the business and has just landed big jobs at Milan Fashion Week. When it comes to love, the 18-year-old can't complain either, as she has now shown breathtakingly on Instagram in a short paint look.

Hot kisses in Milano

Yes, vinyl and leather seem to be THE new fashion must-haves. At least when it comes to the Klum family. Just a few days ago, Leni showed up with Mama Heidi in New York in a leather partner look . Now the 18-year-old has ended up in Milan, Italy for a job – and the young model also wears such a hot piece there. In super short vinyl hot pants and a matching, tight top, she really draws everyone's attention.

But even more so with what she posted on Instagram. Because Leni is snogging wildly with her boyfriend in Milano. The Klum offspring has been with us for more than two years Aris Rachevsky (18) together - and in terms of infatuation, nothing has changed for the teenagers. They were recently spotted on a date night in New York .

Leni big in love

 Aris Rachevsky and Leni Klum in Milan.
Leni Klum can't get enough of her boyfriend Aris in a sexy leather look. © Instagram, /leniklum

Leni does not need to write much about the photo on Instagram. She just tagged her boyfriend and that was it. The deep kiss, her hand on the back of his head, his hand on her waist: that really speaks for itself! These two are a real dream couple. Leni certainly didn't get cold that evening in Milan - super short vinyl shorts or not. (vne)

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