Laptop stolen from car! Lana Del Rey reveals what she lost


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Lana Del Rey is asking her fans not to listen to leaked songs from her unreleased album.
Lana Del Rey is asking her fans not to listen to leaked songs from her unreleased album. © German Press Agency, Image Press Agency

King's wool is still stunned: a few months ago, the singer's car was broken into. She only parked the car for a short time at Melrose Place in Los Angeles, but when she returned, her backpack, laptop, three video cameras and a hard drive were gone, she revealed. The singer should easily cope with the material damage, much worse: the songs from her unreleased album are said to have been on the laptop. That is why the 37-year-old is making an urgent appeal to the fans on social networks.

The book manuscript is also gone

Lana, who is currently working on her ninth studio album, asks fans not to listen to the unreleased songs, some of which have already been circulating online. And: according to her, something else very personal had fallen into the hands of the thieves: a 200-page manuscript for her second book, which she had written with a lot of passion, was saved on her computer. backup copy? None!

Constant struggle for privacy

And it gets even worse: there would have been a lot of footage from her private life on the cameras. Here, too, she asks the fan base not to look at such personal recordings if they are made public on the Internet. The singer was also concerned because the thieves would still have access to her cell phone, even though she had reset her computer long ago.

The incident taught her a lesson. 'I will never leave anything in the car again, not even for a minute,' she said. However, she cannot make her technical devices safer than they already are. 'It's a barrier in the creative process when you're trying to keep everything safe — and keep myself safe, too,' she said. By the way, the oppressive feeling of being robbed is not new to Lana Del Rey. Her house has also been broken into. (abl)

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