'Laura and Pietro – ON OFF': Honest confession! Couples therapy saved her


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi
Laura Maria Rypa and Pietro Lombardi have already had several separations. © instagram / dpa, lauramaria.rpa

When it comes to on-off relationships, Laura Maria Rypa (26) and Pietro Lombardi (30) really know their way around. No wonder, then, that their common Podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF” called. And that's exactly where the parents-to-be reveal exciting details again. While we've heard about three breakups in total in the media, they've actually broken up five or six times, they say. But just giving up like that came for Laura Maria and Pietro, who are expecting their first baby together, out of the question. They fought for their relationship - and sought professional help. 'We were in couples therapy,' the two reveal in their podcast.

'Couples therapy really helped us tremendously!'

'I was very influenced by my old relationship' , told Laura Maria openly on the podcast. For fear of being hurt, she couldn't open up properly to Pietro at first. and der DSDS-Juror? 'He always felt like he wasn't safe' , the 26-year-old continues. But obviously Laura Maria and Pietro could not with and without each other. After several on-off phases, they finally decided to do couples therapy - with success! “Couples therapy really helped us tremendously” , told the mom-to-be full of pride.

But the path to therapy was really hard for Laura Maria and Pietro. In the podcast episode above, they also reveal why the 30-year-old now regrets his sometimes “aggressive” behavior and how the two deal with quarrels today.

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  Laura about Pietro:

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