Leni Klum and Co.: The model daughters get so much money for their performances


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Leni Klum and Heidi Klum
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To have something Heidi Klum (49) , Cindy Crawford (56) and Kate Moss (48) together? Yes, all three celebrity ladies are beautiful, successful and have made careers as top models. And: All three have daughters who are now following in their footsteps. Leni Klum (18) , Kaia Gerber (21) and Lila Moss (19) are currently among THE hottest young models in the world. That's when the family cash register rings.

Leni Klum is riding the wave of success

Good genes - and a good hand for finances. Leni Klum is just eighteen years old and already collects her own millions. According to 'The Sun', Heidi Klum's daughter Leni is said to have earned almost two million euros as a model. Heidi himself is said to be worth 160 million euros.

No wonder: Leni cannot complain about boredom. She's just jetting from fashion week to fashion week . She is also creating her first own collection for the fashion brand 'About You'. And that goes down well. Mama Heidi is proud like Oskar and reveals on Instagram: 'Leni doesn't try to be anyone else. She shows what she loves and is totally authentic.”

In the video: Now the daughters of the supermodels are conquering the catwalks

  Now the daughters of the supermodels are conquering the catwalks

Kaia Gerber is an absolute top earner

But the competition never sleeps. Kaia Gerber is also doing well. With her catwalk appearances, including for 'Chanel' and 'Fendi', the 21-year-old made around 3.5 million euros. Your mom is said to have modeled around 230 million euros. Kate Moss and daughter Lila, on the other hand, “only” bring it to 76 million euros. (tma)

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