Leni Klum puts an end to her trademark: the long mane is gone!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Leni Klum shines with a new hairstyle

Such a step always requires a bit of courage. After this Leni Klum (18) Earlier this year first changed her hair color and has been wearing it dark ever since , she is now saying goodbye to her next trademark: her long mane! It will be shortened immediately. The result is in the video!

The step requires effort

'Makeover' and 'Klum', two words that many should prick up their ears. In Heidi Klum's (49) model show, the big makeover always provides great entertainment for the viewers. The young models, on the other hand, are shaking. And now it was Leni's turn. Mama Heidi is innocent and has nothing to do with it! In her Insta story, the 18-year-old writes: 'Something happened...guess what!' The photo shows her with her long mane, which looks much lighter than a few days ago in Milan, where she was flirting with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky (18). .

Her hair has reached a considerable length. It's definitely not going to be easy to cut. And so Leni's eyes widen in shock when she sees how much was actually cut off. 'Oh my God,' she exclaims in the best 'GNTM' manner. In the end, half of the hair is gone and Leni wears a long bob.

Snap, snap, hair off!

She herself says in the Insta story that she needed a change. Leni has actually changed quite a few things this year: She finished school in early summer. The start of her own professional life . She started right away: a few weeks ago she left Mama Heidi and is moved alone from the US west coast metropolis of Los Angeles to study on the east coast in New York City . Exciting!

But apparently not change enough - because now her look had to believe it. Not only did her hair get shorter, it also got a lot lighter again: The 18-year-old is now 'bronde', 'that's the color between blonde and brown' as she explains to her followers. The German 'InStyle' has uploaded a video of the transformation on their Insta profile. Below that, there are mainly positive comments about the new look of the Klum daughter. 'Looks fresher,' says a follower. 'Great makeover, I really like her,' writes another. And Leni herself? She smiles happily at the camera and runs her hand through her new short hairstyle. 'I'm super happy with the result,' she says. You can see that in her radiance. (vne)

 This is Leni Klum's new life in New York without Mama Heidi
 vip star source: vip.de