Leonardo DiCaprio: Many of his ex-girlfriends are now married


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  Leonardo DiCaprio: Many of his ex-girlfriends are now married
Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli dated for six years. © imago/UPI Photo, SpotOn

Erin Heatherton and Co.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (48) likes a certain type of woman: blonde, model and under 25 years old. So far, the Hollywood star has not found her partner for life. In contrast to his ex-girlfriends, because some of them are already under the hood. Most recently, Erin Heatherton (33) tied the knot. The supermodel has now announced the wedding to partner Karol Kocemba via Instagram. As of 2011, she dated DiCaprio for just under a year. But she is not the only one of his ex-girlfriends who is already married.

Kristen Zang

Model and actress Kristen Zang (48) was already in a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. Before she dated him from 1996 to 1998, she was engaged to actor Nicolas Cage (59). However, Zang married someone else in 2014 and now lives a rather secluded life.

Gisele Bundchen

It lasted much longer with top model Gisele Bundchen (42): the couple had been in a relationship for five years before the relationship broke up in 2005. The beautiful Brazilian married football star Tom Brady (45) in 2009 and had two children. But this marriage did not last, as was officially announced in October 2022 after lengthy rumors. Bundchen and Brady divorced after 13 years of marriage. The decision was made by mutual agreement, the two said in a statement.

Bar Refaeli

From 2005 to 2011, DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli (37) were a couple. She had already married at the age of 18 to avoid military service in her country. In 2015 she married a second time. However, not DiCaprio, but the businessman and food importer Adi Ezra (47). With him she has three children together.

Blake Lively

In 2011, DiCaprio was with model and actress Blake Lively (35) – but it was all over after just six months. A year later, Lively married actor Ryan Reynolds (46). The power couple is currently expecting their fourth child together. The two have been parents to daughter James since 2014, followed by daughter Inez in 2016 and finally little Betty in 2019.

Toni Garrn

The German model Toni Garrn (30) was in a relationship with the actor for around two years from 2013. At that time, the woman from Hamburg was in her early 20s. 'I was very young, but it was a great relationship,' Garrn later said in the 'OMR' podcast. In December 2019, the model became engaged to British actor Alex Pettyfer (32), and the wedding followed in October 2020. In July 2021 their first daughter was born.

Kelly Rohrbach

Actress Kelly Rohrbach (32) married into the richest family in the world in 2019. The 'Baywatch' star gave the yes word to Walmart heir Steuart Walton (41). The two had previously been a couple for around two years. The model dated DiCaprio from April to November 2015.

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