'Let's Dance'-Profi-Challenge: Malika Dzumaev and Zsolt Sándor Cseke win


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Malika Dzumaev and Zsolt Cseke in the winner's interview

Wow what a show! A week after the big Let’s Dance“-Finale At this year's professional challenge, nine dance couples dare to take to the floor again. With the spectacular performances of the professional dancers, it is certainly not easy for the spectators to crown a winning couple. In the end, however, the coveted trophy goes to Malika Dzumaev (32) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35). In the winner's interview, the couple reveals how things should continue for them – you can see that in the video above.

This is what winners look like! Malika and Zsolt make the hall tremble

Malika Dzumaev and Zsolt Sándor Cseke simply know how to captivate the audience. For her professional freestyle, consisting of a Paso Doble and Samba, the first encore calls of the evening rained down. Even the 'Let's Dance' judge is amazed Joachim Llambi not bad: 'The hall was already up before the performance was over (...) you did it all by yourself, no frills!'

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In the second round of the evening, the so-called 'Dance Off', the two can assert themselves against their tough competition. In the end, the audience decides: Malika and Zsolt are the best professional dancing couple of this year's 'Let's Dance' special show. Second place goes to Kathrin Menzinger (34) and Valentin Lusin (36) and third place to Vadim Garbuzov (36) and Andrzej Cibis (35).

In the video: Here Malika and Zsolt dance their way to the top

 Malika and Zsolt inspire at the professional challenge

Been in a relationship for eight years - Malika and Zsolt are THE 'Let's Dance' dream couple

The special thing: Malika and Zsolt are not only a couple on the dance floor! For eight years, they have also been dancing through life privately as a couple. 'Dancing brought us together, dancing brought me to Germany, dancing brought me to 'Let's Dance',' explains Zsolt. This passion is also reflected in their performance.

This prize awaits the winners of the 'Let's Dance' professional challenge

With their won title in their pocket, Malika and Zsolt are allowed to create the choreography for the opening dance of the next 'Let's Dance' season. They also win a valuable jury point, which they can use with their celebrity partners within the first four shows next year. The professional challenge for the lovebirds was a complete success. (ean)

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