Lewis Hamilton shows his mega body - that's how he keeps himself fit


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Lewis Hamilton shows his fans his mega body
Lewis Hamilton shows off his toned physique on Instagram. (archive image) © IMAGO/Laci Perenyi, IMAGO/Jerry Andre, www.imago-images.de

Lewis Hamilton (37) has to be and stay fit because of his job. Now he's turning his fans' heads with a shirtless selfie. How does he keep himself so fit?

He shows his well-trained body

 Lewis Hamilton as fit as ever
In his Instagram story, the Formula 1 hero is in top form © Selfie

The seven-time world champion pays meticulous attention to a balanced and nutritious diet, which has been worked out and perfected by a nutrition coach.

When it comes to training, too, he leaves nothing to chance: For example, he doesn't ski down the slope, but up it. A mixture of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Challenging, but very training and effective. In his Instagram Story, he shows off the results of his hard work and smiles shirtless for the camera, revealing his numerous tattoos, such as a roaring lion covering his right breast.

Drama about plugs

The FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) rule book states that Formula 1 racers are not allowed to wear earrings, piercings or underwear that is not fireproof. Lewis Hamilton is known for his stud earrings and nose piercing, which he never takes off. At the beginning of October 2022, he received a fine of 25,000 euros from the FIA ​​​​for wearing jewelry in the cockpit.

Hamilton said: 'I honestly don't care.' It went on to say: 'We already had the issue at the beginning of the year.' Ultimately, he took off his ear studs, but he remains stubborn about his nose piercing and does not take it out . It is not yet known what the consequences of this will be.

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