Lifetime Achievement Award: Kevin Spacey thanks for the 'eggs'


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 Lifetime Achievement Award: Kevin Spacey thanks for the"Eier"
Kevin Spacey proudly holds his lifetime achievement award in his hands. © imago/ZUMA Press, SpotOn

He thanks for the 'eggs'

Kevin Spacey (63) has given a public speech for the first time since the abuse allegations against him. The actor received a lifetime achievement award at the National Film Museum in Turin on Monday. Spacey is currently facing 12 abuse charges in the UK, where he was artistic director of London's Old Vic Theatre. In his home country, the American was acquitted in one case in October 2022. The actor denies all allegations.

He thanks organizers for the 'eggs' to have invited him

Kevin Spacey did not mention the abuse allegations against him - at least not directly. According to media reports, he thanked the museum for the 'eggs' for having invited him. For this he used the Italian word 'Le Palle'. Regardless of the scandals surrounding his person, those responsible have recognized artistic achievements, says Spacey. They deserve applause for that.

The two-time Academy Award winner thanked all the filmmakers, artists and technicians he 'had the privilege to work with.' 'You're not just honoring me,' he told the organizers. 'You honor them all'.

Kevin Spacey pays tribute to his manager

Spacey raved about his manager Evan Lowenstein (48). The actor described him as the best friend and brother he never had. 'Evan didn't just stand by my side,' Spacey said. 'He stood in front of me when I needed to be guided and he stood behind me when I needed to be pushed.'

'He's a remarkable man and it's been his ability to sort through all the setbacks that we've had and move on,' Spacey continued. 'And that gave me the strength to kind of get up and follow him.' After his speech, Kevin Spacey held a one-hour master class. He spoke about his most famous films such as 'American Beauty'.

Spacey is welcome in Italy

While he's now persona non grata in the US and UK, Kevin Spacey seems to be welcome in Italy. In Turin last year he shot a film entitled 'L'uomo Che Disegnò Dio'. Before the event at the Film Museum, he spoke to the Italian press. Spacey did not face international media.

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