Like King Charles: His son Prince William can freak out too!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Prince William is also impulsive

if King Charles III (73) is officially proclaimed the new king of the British Empire at the weekend, a little later many only talk about this one moment: The new monarch angrily indicated to an employee that he had to remove the writing utensils . It is already unofficially dubbed “Arrogance Attack” or “Pen Gate”. RTL nobility expert Michael Begasse classifies the situation for us and also reveals in our video above that his son Prince William (40) something very similar could happen.

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The new king's 'pen-gate'.

Oh man, what's going on?! In case of doubt, some viewers will have thought when the former Prince Charles was proclaimed as the new king on Saturday (September 10) in London. Not because he became the new head of state, but because he attacked the supposedly poor servant for a few pens.

“Charles knows exactly what he wants. And Charles hates inaccuracy, he hates being unpunctual and in this situation it just went through with him,' the RTL nobility expert explains the new king's uncharming move. But he is definitely not to be accused of being a bad guy, he emphasizes at the same time. 'He's just been proclaimed king and then there are two pens. I would have been just as confused.” His son William had to pay for it shortly afterwards . But Michael Begasse reveals: Prince William can also freak out! Even if you don't look at the 'nice, young family man.'

In the video: The 'Pen Gate' that the whole world is talking about

  King Charles' arrogance fit

Begasse: Charles is not a machine!

And one must not forget: Even a king like Charles III is basically just a human being like any other. And as such he had just two days before his beloved 'Mummy', Queen Elizabeth II († 96), lost!

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'And if the view is a bit sharper or the sound a bit faster, yes, I would say that's no reason at all to accuse him of anything,' Michael Begasse defends the newly crowned king. Eventually Charles - unlike his siblings Anne, Andrew and Edward - no time to mourn. He must function directly as a king. And in a moment full of sadness, one should forgive a little thin-skinnedness. (vne)

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