Like right now? That's why Anne Wunsch suddenly no longer wants to show her kids on Instagram


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  Anne Wunsch gets blatant hate messages and threats – she just wants to"das Beste".
Anne Wunsch gets blatant hate messages and threats – she only wants 'the best'. ©

Anne wishes (31) is known for her open and revealing nature on Instagram. There is almost nothing you don't know about the influencer. A wild mix of spicy pictures in skimpy costumes on the one hand and family photos with the kids on the other. This is what her account looked like until now. That's enough of that! The 31-year-old wants to keep her offspring out of social media from now on – and there is a reason for that.

From now on only 'Anne content'

A colorful content that some loved and others strongly criticized . Now the influencer has sided with the critics. As she has now announced, she is now throwing her concept overboard: there are no more spicy pictures on Instagram! They are now shared exclusively on the OnlyFans platform . With this decision, she also makes a second one: “My mom content becomes Anne content! I MUST keep my children out of the public eye much more if I decide to only show my provocatively revealing photos on #onlyfans!”

A pretty bad turnaround. She is aware that she will also lose some of her followers as a result. But for her it is the right decision – at least at this moment: She leaves open whether it will stay like this forever: “Maybe I will regret it one day [...] but how are you supposed to find out if the path is YOUR WAY is if you don't start walking him?'. It doesn't sound that convincing yet, but obviously a change had to be made as soon as possible.

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And even if she couldn't believe it at first: Many of her fans are enthusiastic about her decision.

So we won't see such cute content in the future:

  Anne Wunsch has Miley (9) cut her hair

your passion

Anne Wunsch posed freely in front of the lens from a young age – and even more daring then than now. At the age of 18 she was already earning her own money. That she is now 31 years old and three children of their own still being able to make money from photos like this makes her incredibly proud. 'I just love it & I've always felt loved showing myself like this!' (rbe)

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