Linda de Mol on friend Jeroen Rietbergen's abuse scandal: 'I didn't know anything'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Linda from Mol:"Ich wusste von nichts!"

A world collapsed for Linda de Mol in January 2022. The reason: against her boyfriend at the time, Jeroen Rietbergen (51). serious abuse allegations noisy. A shock for the popular presenter. In her magazine 'Linda', the 58-year-old now writes honestly about her feelings at the time and probably hardest days of her life . How and when she found out about the allegations is in the video.

'I fell into a big, deep, black hole'

Jeroen Rietbergen, who worked as a band leader on the Dutch version of 'The Voice', is said to have sexually harassed over 40 candidates on the talent show. Tough stuff for Linda de Mol. 'The fact that someone you love so much behaved badly with young women – that made me sad and angry,' she now reveals in her magazine article. 'I fell into a big, deep, black hole.'

In the Netherlands, the presenter is accused of having known about the allegations against her partner in 2020. Two women are said to have approached her and told her about sexual assaults on the show. Linda now denies that: 'I knew, and I swear by my two children, that there was nothing about 'The Voice'.' Immediately after the allegations became public, the 58-year-old separated from her partner after 15 years together.

Allegations are very 'serious and shocking'

The TV broadcaster RTL Nederland immediately stopped broadcasting the talent show 'The Voice of Holland'. Those responsible said the allegations were “very serious and shocking”. Jeroen Rietbergen resigned from his position and had his lawyer say that he wanted to 'offer my sincere apologies to the women concerned for things I should never have done'.

How things will continue with Linda's ex Jeroen is currently still open. The public prosecutor's office is still investigating. It is uncertain at this point in time whether charges will be filed. (tma)

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