Lisa Marie Presley: 2 days before her death at the Golden Globes - were there any signs?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Lisa Marie Presley's last appearance before her death

by Frank Fastner, Tobias Kamm & Vincent Nellessen

The only daughter of the King of Rock 'n Roll Elvis Presley († 42) died in California at the age of 54 . Barely 48 hours earlier, she had shared with her Mutter Priscilla Presley (77) attended the glamorous Golden Globes. What was striking: Lisa Marie Presley spoke very slowly, seemed fragile and had to support herself several times. You can find out how RTL experienced them on site in the video above.

Lisa Marie Presley seemed 'fragile'

She and her mother were invited as guests because the film about the life of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie's father, Priscilla's husband, was nominated in several categories. A film, which the Elvis daughter was so enthusiastic about ! In the red carpet talk with the show 'Extra', for example, the 54-year-old seemed unsure. Even before she answered the journalist's questions, she hooked her arm to longtime family friend and film producer Jerry Schilling (80), who was standing next to her: 'I'll hold on to your arm,' she whispered to him.

In conversation, she sometimes seemed off track, speaking more slowly than usual. Fans of the singer had already expressed concern online and some described their appearance as 'fragile'. A video is circulating on TikTok in which she received help descending some steps. Of course, this could also be due to high heels. In the comments, however, a follower said worried before death: 'Is she okay? I do not think so.'

After the tragic news of death, the US portal TMZ reports that Lisa Marie suffered from abdominal pain on the day of her death, which had gotten progressively worse.

What could have happened to Lisa Marie?

'Maybe she was weak, maybe that was the result of the abdominal pain, maybe there were psychological reasons why she wanted to hook up,' says general practitioner Dr. Christoph Specht in conversation with RTL about the speculation on the net. The US media quickly spoke of cardiac arrest as the cause of Lisa Marie's death. 'In the end, cardiac arrest is always correct,' explains the doctor, 'at the end of every illness, the heart stops.' It is therefore the 'description of the final state'.

This could be the primary cause of death due to cardiac arrhythmia, or it could occur “as a result of an illness”. It is important to know between cardiac arrest and Heart attack to distinguish. In the latter it comes as a result of a blockage in the coronary vessels to an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

What ultimately caused Lisa Marie Presley's death remains speculative. In contrast to men, women in particular would complain of back and abdominal pain in the event of a heart attack. According to TMZ, Lisa Marie is said to have had abdominal pain. 'Of course there are also cases where you have some kind of illness in the abdomen that ultimately leads to cardiac arrest, for example in the context of sepsis. But that's all speculation, of course.' Woodpecker.

This evening was for her father Elvis Presley

  Austin Butler and Lisa Marie Presley during the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards® show at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on Tuesday, January 10, 2023*Editorial Use Only* CAP/PLF©HFPA/supplied by Capital Pictures
Lisa Marie Presley was amazed by the work of young actor Austin Butler in the film about her famous father. © action press, ActionPress, jh

The biopic about Lisa Marie's father was nominated in three categories on Tuesday evening (January 10), including best drama. The film ultimately won the award for best leading actor in a drama. During his acceptance speech, prizewinners made Austin Butler (31) the present Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla a sweet declaration of love: 'Lisa Marie, Priscilla, I will always love you.'

Emotionally, the 54-year-old put her hand on her heart and thanked the young actor. In photos you can see them hugging the 31-year-old. She was 'overwhelmed' by his portrayal of her father, she tells the magazine 'Extra'. It took her five days to process the performance 'because it was so apt and authentic.' (vne/tka)

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