Lisha Savage fights eating disorder with fast food - expert is worried


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Lisha wants to fight her eating disorder

Big concern Lisha Savage (36)! The reality star suffers from an eating disorder, as he recently admitted on Instagram. For the dream wedding with partner Lou, the 36-year-old lost a whopping 45 pounds and became so thin that those around her began to worry. Now she wants to counteract her blatant weight loss with an equally blatant method: with fast food and sweets! In our video you can see why this is 'not a good way' to gain weight healthily and how nutrition expert Mona Poulev assesses the tricky case of the TV personality.

Lisha wants to gain weight with fast food and sweets

'I definitely have an eating disorder,' admitted the former 'Summer House of the Stars' roommate in a YouTube video - and announced a temporary social media hiatus. The desire to keep losing weight has apparently become an uncontrollable delusion. Even the concerned comments from her environment could not shake Lisha awake. Only a photo that showed the clearly slimmer body of the 36-year-old opened her eyes.

Now Lisha wants to take countermeasures and gain weight. Partner Lou urges her to take fattening supplements along with vitamin pills. 'I think your body should get used to eating stuff like that,' he clarifies. But Lisha's head is extremely reluctant to stuff itself with junk food and unhealthy things. 'Then we need to turn your head,' Lou states. But the 36-year-old only does so reluctantly and solely out of love for her husband. Eat for love? According to the nutrition expert, this is also the wrong approach for a “long-term change”. You can find out what Mona Poulev proposes instead in the video above.

Do you suffer from an eating disorder? Those affected can find help here

Eating disorders are among the most common chronic diseases. It doesn't matter whether it's anorexia, bulimia or binge eating syndrome: once you're caught in the vicious circle of an eating disorder, you usually can't get out without outside help. It is all the more important to know who to turn to if you have questions or are unsure. Those affected can find help here. (lkr)

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