Lisha Savage: Lost over 20 kilos with a radical diet – now she talks about previous eating disorders


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  How much weight does Lisha still want to lose?

Actually wanted YouTuberin Lisha for her second wedding to dream man Lou lose a few pounds. The plan, Losing weight from 76.8 kilos to 20 succeeds . Yet Lisha is getting thinner and thinner – does the ex-“Summer House of the Stars” candidate find the jump? RTL met her in Mallorca for an interview. In the video, she explains how she looks at her weight loss success, how it goes on and what she eats.

Lisha Savage: 'But I feel so incredibly good'

'It's a huge change, from curvy Lisha,' says the 36-year-old herself. 'But I feel so incredibly good.' A look at the scale shows: She has long since surpassed Lisha's original goal – thanks to appetite suppressants and a zero diet.

The dangerous thing: In the interview, she talks about eating disorders from which she has suffered in the past. ' I was very skinny as a kid, really very skinny , and yet somehow I always thought I wasn't skinny enough and stuck my finger down my throat. Secretly, when we've eaten and things like that, just so I don't gain weight,' she continues.

  There is not an ounce of fat on Lisha Savage's body.
Lisha Savage gives another body update of her lean body. © Instagram

At the same time, photos of her appear, on which her Draw ribs under the skin . A completely different picture than the Lisha, who is still known from 'The Summer House of the Stars'. She knows that the whirlpool can draw her in again. 'I think you never really get out of such an eating disorder, I don't think I'm to this day,' she also admits.

  Lisha messes with 'wannabe angel' Diana at the 'Summer House of the Stars'.
In 2020, Lisha had a little more on her ribs. © TVNOW

Alarm bells are ringing for husband Lou. Is the past catching up with you here? In the video she reveals how to proceed. (rla)

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