Little glimmer of hope: Nathalie Bleicher-Woth shares the first baby snapshots


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 Nathalie Bleicher-Woth
Nathalie Bleicher-Woth recently became a mom. © Instagram

She had been so looking forward to her little son, but his start in life didn't go as planned. Nathalie Bleicher-Woth recently announced that her offspring is in intensive care after being born a few days ago. Since then, the new mum has been moving between praying and worrying. Now the 'Berlin – Day & Night' actress has shared at least a small glimmer of hope with her fans: the first photos together with her offspring.

Nathalie Bleicher-Woth is on cloud nine

It's hard to miss how much love Nathalie Bleicher-Woth has for her little miracle. She gently holds her son in her arms and kisses his cheek. In a video on her Instagram gallery, she proudly lifts the little one in the air before literally showering him with kisses. She also shares a moment that was probably shot shortly after birth with her fans: Nathalie cries big tears when her 'Baby L' is placed on her chest for the first time. What emotional insights.

That's her son's name

In addition to a series of snapshots and videos, Nathalie Bleicher-Woth also shared details about her son's birth with her followers. Her firstborn is named Liam Jonah and was born on September 4th, 2022.

In the video: worry about Nathalie Bleicher-Woth's baby

 Take care of Nathalie Bleicher-Woth's baby

Liam Jonah is in intensive care

Because the inflammation levels in her offspring were too high, he was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit shortly after birth. 'It's looking better at the moment,' Nathalie recently wrote hopefully in her Instagram story.

Reading tip: The birth was so dramatic

It's not clear how Liam Jonah is doing now. It remains to be hoped that his values ​​will gradually stabilize and that his mum will soon be able to enjoy her happiness without any worries. (cch)

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