Lola Weippert has to defend herself against nasty news


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Lola Weippert is shocked. Shortly before, she had been attacked in the car.
Lola Weippert is shocked. Shortly before, she was attacked in the car. © Instagram

Lola Weippert (26) is shocked – twice over. Not only that they was the victim of a brutal attack while on vacation in South Africa , now she also has to deal with nasty hate messages.

'It's your own fault. Don't cry around'

'I don't know what shocks me more right now. The attack or reaction of some people on social media,' she writes in a new post on Instagram. In the photo series, she also publishes some hate messages that she received after the attack on her. 'Should anyone have pity on you now?' or 'Your own fault. Don't cry around,' it says, among other things. The TV presenter doesn't want to leave it like that: 'I'm always happy about criticism if it's constructive and respectful,' she writes. However, that is not the case here. The 26-year-old would therefore like to give her haters one more thing: 'Hate has caused many problems in this world, but has not yet solved a single one.'

Lola Weippert: 'Lucky he didn't have a knife in his hand'

Again she describes otherwise such a lively moderator in the post again the moment of the robbery: 'We were standing at a traffic light, I had my cell phone in my hand to navigate. Suddenly a man with a rock in his hand smashed the passenger side window to steal my phone. I was immediately full of glass splinters, unfortunately also in my eye.” She tried to defend herself and screamed and hit out until the traffic light fortunately turned green and she was able to escape from the perpetrator. The TV presenter is sure that the situation could have ended worse 'Fortunately he didn't have a knife in his hand, otherwise it would have been different.'

Nevertheless, the 26-year-old also admits that she misjudged the situation in advance. 'Due to the long visits, I already feel so at home here that I've felt TOO safe for the past few weeks and have accordingly lived carelessly, draped like a Christmas tree. That was a mistake and I was now allowed to pay a relatively mild bill for it,' Lola admits in her post. But even if the moderator, as she herself admits, is partly to blame for the robbery, that is by no means a reason for the nasty hate messages. (jve)

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