Lola Weippert shares intimate cuddle photos with her community


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  Lola Weippert
Lola Weippert seems to have quite a crush. © German Press Agency, R4179 Frederic Kern/Geisler-Fotopress

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  • Lola Weippert shares intimate cuddle photos with her community
  • Senna Gammour looks back on her 'Monroes' days after 16 years
  • Heidi Klum makes a sweet declaration of love to her Tom
  • Twins? Gülcan Kamps would thank the universe

November 25: Lola Weippert gives a look into her love life

Here you can cuddle and make out as much as you can! Lola Weippert (26) shares her very own love slide show on her Instagram profile. The 'Temptation Island' host is happily taken to pro surfer Eric Plancon. So far, the TV personality has kept their relationship mostly private. Except for one Turtle photo from afar her followers didn't see too much of her crush for the time being – but now she's showing her love to everyone!

The 26-year-old has uploaded ten photos with her partner, showing the two in their everyday lives and on vacation. Whether wearing a homemade rain poncho at Niagara Falls, skydiving, sunbathing on a yacht or cuddling while camping - the two have an unforgettable time together. Lola's fans also notice this, flooding the comment column with heart emojis and encouragement. 'I can't get enough of how happy you are. Only the best,” wishes a user and certainly speaks from everyone’s soul.

November 24, 2022 The 'Monroes' were founded 16 years ago

Can you believe it's been 16 years? On November 23, 2006, the all-girl group ended Mandy Capristo (32), Senna Gammour (42) and Bahar Kizil (34). They stormed the charts with their hits like 'Hot Summer' and 'Shame'. After her separation in 2011 there were occasional headlines about one war of roses between the girls.

But there doesn't seem to be anything to it if you believe the girls' Instagram accounts. All three ex-members have now remembered their time for the anniversary. Senna wrote particularly emotional lines. 'Looking back, I had the best time with my girls. I wouldn't have wished for any other girls besides Mandy and Bahar by my side. Monrose Forever,' wrote the influencer, despite the rumors at the time. She also thanked the fans, who are the reason why some of the songs are still being played on the radio.

November 24: Heidi Klum makes a sweet declaration of love to her Tom

  Heidi Klum Instagram-Story
Liebesbotschaft to Heidi Klum © Instagram, @heidiklum

Even after three years of marriage seems Heidi Klum (49) with her Tom Kaulitz (33) to float completely on cloud nine: That proves the Model-Mother now in her latest Instagram story. In it, Heidi shows her fans how she prepares her morning coffee. 'Happiness means being married to a German,' is written on her mug, which also shows two kissing figures in traditional costumes. Your husband can look forward to this sweet declaration of love every morning. Which saying probably adorns Tom's coffee cup?

November 23: Twins? This is how Gülcan Kamps thinks about double the happiness of a baby

Her desire to have children remained unfulfilled for many years . But at the end of 2021 it could Gulcan Kamps (40) finally holding her long-awaited baby in her arms. Is family planning for the former VIVA presenter and husband Sebastian Kamps (40) over? If Gülcan has her way, she might envision one more child - even twins! For a picture in which Gülcan poses bare midriff, she writes: '... and what if it will be twins next time?' A question that a mother asked her and that she thought about intensively.

your insight? 'I would thank the universe for that,' she writes. And further: 'Life with one child is already a (beautiful) challenge and would be guaranteed to be 3 times as (challenging) beautiful with 3 kids.' Only recently revealed the 40-year-old, that she has been feeling ready to expand the family for a few weeks .

November 22nd: Incredible! Influencer Carmen Kroll cannot find a place in kindergarten

  Carmen Mercedes Kroll / Carmushka at the Be Active theme world presentation at Peek & Cloppenburg. Cologne, 25.04.2019 *** Carmen Mercedes Kroll Carmushka at the Be Active Theme World Presentation at Peek Cloppenburg Cologne 25 04 2019 Photo:xC.xHardtx/
Carmen Mercedes Kroll aka Carmushka © imago images / Future Image, via,

Carmen Kroll alias Carmushka (30) is on the verge of despair, she simply cannot find a place in kindergarten for her little one daughter Mathilda . 'Am I too stupid to get my child a place in kindergarten or is it really that difficult?' Mom asks herself rather than her followers. The 30-year-old further explains: “I already registered Tilli during pregnancy and now applications have suddenly been deleted. How is that supposed to work?” But Carmen has a solution: “I pushed myself and asked for a place in a private kindergarten.” Her wish, however, is to get her daughter into a “state kindergarten”. However, the Internet star does not want to use her number of followers for this: 'We don't want to introduce ourselves as 'recognition' either.' But Carmen remains positive: 'I now believe that we will get a place. From now on!” Well, then let's hope that the universe grants this wish very quickly.

Absolute dream team: Vera Int-Veen shows her sister

  Presenter Vera Int-Veen is back on the road as a passionate messenger of love. Will she finally find the right lid for her protégés?
Presenter Vera Int-Veen © TVNOW

If you're not in a good mood! TV star Vera Int-Veen (55) is currently touring the Caribbean islands from Bonaire to Curaçao – and is in the very best of company. The former presenter is out with her sister and shares a vacation selfie of the two of them beaming at the camera with sunglasses and windblown hair.

In addition to the good holiday mood, viewers of the snapshot should notice another detail: the sisters are cut out of their faces! Vera's fans also notice that. 'You two look very similar,' writes one follower. Someone else admits with a wink: 'I got you mixed up at first'!

November 21, 2022: Nathalie Bleicher-Woth's son bites her nipple bloody

  Nathalie Bleicher-Woth
Nathalie Bleicher-Woth realizes that breastfeeding can also be quite painful. © Instagram

'How can you bite so blatantly?' asks the former 'Berlin – Day & Night' actress Nathalie Bleicher-Woth (26), who became a mother for the first time at the beginning of September . The new mother had to experience firsthand that breastfeeding can also hurt. 'Liam has no teeth, but he just bit my nipple so badly that it just bleeds,' said the influencer. 'He bit so hard he wouldn't let go. I had tears in my eyes because it hurt so much.” The birth of her son was no picnic either, as Nathalie revealed after the birth. Little Liam Jonah even had to be in intensive care for a while.

Sarafina Wollny's twins had to go to the hospital

  Sarafina Wollny
Sarafina Wollny with her twins © Instagram

Sarafina Wollny (27) is very worried about her twins. Like the TV star's daughter Silvia Wollny (57) now reveals that her children Emory (1) and Casey (1) are suffering from severe pneumonia. 'We were in the hospital on Friday,' reveals Sarafina in her Instagram story. 'We listened to our mom and dad's instincts.' In the hospital, the doctor carried out several examinations and finally found severe pneumonia. Sarafina is currently providing the twins with medication at home. 'Now we have to go to the hospital again tomorrow,' she says. 'Everything will then be checked again there to see if it's improving.' If the twins' health doesn't improve, they'll have to stay in the hospital and get the medication through a vein. 'Keep your fingers crossed that the two don't have to stay in the hospital,' said the 27-year-old.

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