Loredana Wollny admits after the birth of her baby: It's 'sometimes really a lot'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Loredana Wollny is of course on the road and is well received.
Loredana Wollny welcomed her first child into the world just before Christmas. © Instagram/loredanawollny

Loredana Wollny (18) gave birth to her first child just before Christmas. Since then it had become quiet around the youngest scion of the Wollny family. But now the new mom finally answered a few questions about her new everyday life with a baby in her Instagram story.

Loredana Wolly: 'I can't even put into words how happy I am!'

Loredana Wollny's baby saw the light of day four weeks too early and became a real Christmas surprise for the extended family. After the birth, the new mom initially withdrew from social media. 'It took me some time to get used to all the new things,' Loredana explains her little break in her Instagram story.

To the delight of her followers, the new mom is finally giving an update on how her new everyday life is going. In the form of a Q&A, she answers her fans' questions honestly, including the question of whether she is overwhelmed by being a mom. 'Sometimes it's really a lot, but I love doing everything and I enjoy it a lot,' explains Loredana. She also gets support from her family and partner.

When asked “How do you feel as a mom?” she replied: “It's an indescribably beautiful feeling. I can't even put into words how happy I am!” That's the main thing, as you know.

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 Does Silvia Wollny know the names of her grandchildren?

The name and gender of Loredana's child remain unknown

So far, Loredana Wollny has not revealed either gender or name. The fans will have to be patient until she reveals this secret. It is speculated that Grandma Silvia Wollny (57) has already blurted out in her Instagram story. In a question and answer session, she named the names 'Otto' and 'Miralda'. (result)

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