Louis Klamroth: ARD allegedly knew nothing about the relationship with Luisa Neubauer


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 Louis Klamroth: ARD knew nothing about the relationship with Luisa Neubauer
'hard but fair' moderator Louis Klamroth and climate activist Luisa Neubauer are a couple. © imago/Future Image / imago/STAR-MEDIA, SpotOn

the new 'hard but fair' presenter Louis Klamroth (33) did not tell ARD anything about his relationship with climate activist Luisa Neubauer (26) before taking over the political talks from Frank Plasberg (65). This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the 'Bild' newspaper: 'Mr. Klamroth's private life was not an issue in the discussions between WDR and him before the collaboration was announced.' Specifically, he informed the broadcaster 'at the end of August' about the relationship. The responsible WDR publicized the personnel details of Klamroth as Plasberg's successor on August 17th.

Louis Klamroth: 'My private life will remain private in the future'

Like Louis Klamroth himself, WDR ruled out Luisa Neubauer's appearance in 'hard but fair'. The moderator himself announced his love for the activist in mid-December. In an interview with the 'DWDL' media service, the 33-year-old said to the interviewer's statement that he was 'together with Luisa Neubauer': 'Since I'm with a person in public life, I think the audience has a claim to know that. That's why it's important to me to be transparent at this point.' Louis also said: 'And it goes without saying that my partner will not be a guest on my show.'

With the words 'my private life will remain private in the future,' the moderator ruled out revealing further details about the relationship with Luisa. The journalist moderated “The ProSieben Bundestag Election Show” last year and took over from predecessor Plasberg on “hart aber fair” on January 9, 2023. He moderated the popular ARD program for the last time on November 14th.

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