'Love is everything' event: A special evening for little heroes


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Liebe ist alles"-Event: Ein besonderer Abend für kleine Helden
Among others you can see on the picture: Fredi Bobic, Vera Int-Veen and Tina Ruland. © Markus Nass/Kinderschutzengel e.V., SpotOn

Gala of the Children's Guardian Angels

The most outstanding gala of the year did not take place at the Oscars in Los Angeles, the Cannes Film Festival or the current Venice Film Festival. No, they could be admired in Potsdam on Friday evening (September 9th). In the name of the association Berliner Kinderschutzengel e.V., invitations were invited to the 'Love is everything' event there, more precisely in the Prinz Eisenherz adventure restaurant in the Babelsberg Film Park.

What makes the gala, which is taking place for the ninth time in 2022, so special? Although the event is diligently attended by celebrities from all walks of life, the attention is exceptionally focused on others: children and young people suffering from heart disease, disabilities or cystic fibrosis, who have cancer or have parents with cancer. Children from homes, crisis centers and the war zone Ukraine were also celebrated on Friday evening.

Eager celebrity staff

So while the children were strolling down the red carpet, the participating celebrities also found themselves in an unusual role: they served the little heroes of the evening as service staff with red aprons and read their every wish from their lips.

Among the famous waiters this year were Vera Int Veen, Daniel Völz, Simone Hanselmann, Jan Sosniok, Noëlla Mbomba, Tina Ruland, Fredi Bobic, Santiago Ziesmer and Eva Mona Rodekirchen, to name just a few. Music was also provided by Bambi Mercury, Samantha Gold, Marcella Rockefeller, Deeon Ish and Red Hat Raphi.

'Love is the greatest engine'

Presenter Vera Int-Veen (54) always carefully marks the event in her calendar: 'This is a very fixed date for me and I look forward to it every year. I think everyone has had a difficult time in the last two years Time. And when you have the opportunity to come together and have a celebration like this in these times, to make children happy, then that's something very special.'

Hertha manager Fredi Bobic (50), who attended the gala for the first time, emphasized how important it is to give the children 'a carefree and unforgettable evening'. 'If you are a father yourself and have two daughters, then you know what it means to children when they are the center of attention'.

Actress Tina Ruland (55) adds: 'Giving other people happiness for an evening, entertaining them, spoiling them and seeing that the children and families have an evening full of joy makes me happy.' In the end, what counts is not money, success or career, but 'whether you loved and were loved and gave love away'. Because 'Love is the biggest engine and most important factor in our world.'

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