love off? Jakub has moved out of his shared apartment with Kate Merlan


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jakub and Kate no longer live together

It's a constant ups and downs in the relationship of Kate Whiting (35) and her husband Jakub (27). The couple argues again and again. But now her Zoff seems to have reached the sad climax: the 27-year-old has moved out of the shared apartment! In the video, she reveals how Kate distracts herself from this situation.

Kate Merlan suffers from the situation

'Yes, we don't live together anymore, haven't for a long time and [...] for me it's really the hardest time in my entire life right now, I have to try to get by and process a lot of things first. And of course that's really hard for me right now,' Kate admits openly. She looks sad as she shares the news with her fans. You can tell how much this situation affects her.

Another message from the reality star shows how serious the dispute between the two is: 'Today is also his birthday, by the way. We don't celebrate his birthday together either.' Does that mean the final separation?

Jakub: 'I haven't done anything wrong!'

The couple have been at odds with each other for months. Mainly responsible for this are Jakub's trips to Mallorca with his boys. The first Malle trip in June almost cost her her marriage. But the former kicker doesn't understand the excitement about it and assures: 'I haven't done anything wrong!' In early September, Kate revealed that the couple would be taking a break. 'At some point you just suffer', she gave as a reason.

They wanted hers Marriage that was only sealed in February , after the tearful Participate in Temptation Island VIP give another chance. They even put extra a sex break a. But apparently that didn't help either... (rsc)

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