Lukas Podolski starts mega festival with XXL pool, fitness area & fairground feeling


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Poldi planned the Pop Music Festival

After kebab stands, ice cream parlors, clothes & co Lukas Podolski is now entering the music industry! The result: The footballer organizes a top-class feel-good festival for his fans . At the 'Happiness Feelings Festival' not only heavy acts are at the start, but there should also be a fairground feeling including a mega pool, fitness area & co.

TODAY, September 28 at 12 p.m the advance ticket sale .

Festival with a fair with carousels, fitness areas and a giant pool!

Organizing a music spectacle with the country's most popular artists is a real feat. That's why Lukas Podolski has teamed up with organizer and manager Markus Krampe. He not only knows the who's who of the scene , but is also the mastermind behind the country's biggest '90s party at the Veltins Arena in Schalke. The result of the new Poldi-Krampe cooperation: That brand new 'Happiness Festival' at the Hockenheimring . From September 14th to 17th, 2023, the event will be held for the first time on the motorsport racetrack.

Also present: All the singers to whom the heart of the footballer belongs - from pop to R'n'B to hip-hop. 'We just want to give everyone back happiness,' explains Poldi full of energy and his business partner adds what the fans can look forward to besides music: 'One Giant funfair with carousels, yoga areas, fitness areas and a giant pool – the largest pool in Germany will be here.”

Get your tickets now for Cro, Sarah Connor, Zoe Wees & Co.!

Almost a year before the big kick-off for the Feelgood music series, not only does the big advance sale start, but the first headliners are also published on the festival's website. We can reveal: 'Glücksfühle' offers pretty much the best that the German music scene currently has to offer - from Cro to Sarah Connor to Zoe Wees . And some international top stars will also take the stage in 2023, but who is still top secret.

From September 28, 2022 at 12 p.m. you can get your first tickets HERE. And because 'feelings of happiness' should inspire everyone, there is the so-called for a short time 'Fair Play Ticket' at a particularly lucrative price in the midst of inflation . Strike now and be there when Lukas Podolski and Markus Krampe gather the top acts of the music scene on one stage for the first time. (cch)

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