Luke Mockridge is back in the spotlight: 'The Shitstorm was a blatant thing'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sat.1 brings Luke Mockridge back
Luke Mockridge returns to the spotlight. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

With this TV comeback has probably not even Luke Mockridge (33) calculated by yourself! The comedian was accused of sexual violence by his ex-girlfriend in 2021 - A huge shitstorm followed and the withdrawal from the television landscape. The investigation has since been discontinued. Now he is back on the scene and strikes a serious note.

'The shitstorm was a blatant thing'

Numerous fans have been waiting for this moment: Luke Mockridge finally made the audience laugh again on Wednesday evening in the new Sat1 show 'Die Beste Comedians Deutschlands'. In addition to 12 other comedy greats such as Chris Tall (31) and Kaya Yanar (49), the 33-year-old was in front of the camera.

'It's a wonderful feeling to be back on stage. In front of real people,' he said happily about his comeback. A year ago he didn't think he'd get this chance again . “The shitstorm was a blatant thing. That really got me down. This is what happens and you watch as your whole world suddenly bursts into flames. But the personal stuff, that's what hurt me the most,' Luke reveals.

Luke's brother kicked out of driving school for shitstorm

At the end of his appearance, the comedian makes it clear that his relatives were also confronted with the serious allegations: 'On the climax of the shitstorm my brother got his driving license in Berlin. The driving instructor kicked him out of the driving school because of his last name, saying: 'I can't teach a person whose family embodies such an image of women to drive.'” That it came to this hurt Luke.

In the video, Luke comments on the rape allegations

 Now Luke Mockridge speaks

'But that's one thing you just have to accept at a moment like this, that you live in a country where women are allowed to teach driving. So never lose your sense of humor ...', the comedian continued to joke and thus concluded his stage program to applause from the audience. (ean)

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