Madonna unrecognizable - fans are shocked!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Where are Madonna's eyebrows?

Popstar Madonna (64) just knows how to keep the conversation going. A little (or big) scandal here and there, that's done well in her career for over thirty years. Recently, however, scandals have been taking place more on social media platforms – like now on TikTok. 'Yeah, is it Halloween already?' Some fans of the music icon are wondering. See the bizarre images in our video above.

Queen of Scandals

The clip is only six seconds on TikTok, but it has already received more than five million views after just one day. For comparison: Most of the Queen of Pop's videos generate several hundred thousand views. But this sequence is different. She does something with the users: 'So at some point it's over,' writes a follower.

'What it's like to date men,' the 64-year-old writes about her clip. She wears fishnet tights, a short green skirt and a matching blouse with a flower pattern. Her hair is reddish. Her eyebrows have visually disappeared. Her face smooth and frozen like a doll.

The whole thing appears to have been taken just before she left for her adopted son David's 17th birthday. On Instagram she posted a video showing her dancing with her son. But that is completely in the background on TikTok. Again and again Madonna polarizes with her appearance .

In the video: Madonna disturbs her fans with a creepy greeting

 Madonna shocks her fans with a TikTok video

who is this please

Many of their followers have problems even recognizing who they are seeing in the video. 'If the name hadn't been there...I would still be puzzled as to who that is...' writes one user. Only the name on the edge of the picture provided enlightenment for many. There are also comparisons to Metal-Star Marilyn Manson (53) or star designer Donatella Versace (67). Or an amalgamation of the two! A follower even says that he would like to watch the zombie apocalypse from 'The Walking Dead' again after seeing this. Not necessarily nice comments. After all, the clip got over 170,000 likes, so someone seems to like it too.

But a woman like Madonna, who has been playing with provocation since the beginning of her career, shouldn't really care. For them it is important to keep the conversation going: Sometimes through almost disturbing nude shots Ü60 – but sometimes just six seconds are enough. A true professional, the Madonna! (vne)

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