Mafia terror surrounding Crown Princess Amalia: Marijke Amado fears for the freedom of her country


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  Máxima & Willem-Alexander suffer with their daughter

The Dutch Crown Princess Amalia (18) is under increased surveillance – out of fear for her safety. The Dutch news agency ANP reported on Thursday, citing their parents, King Willem-Alexander (55) and Queen Máxima (51). The fact that the 18-year-old crown princess is in the sights of the macro mafia has shaken the whole country. So does presenter Marijke Amado (68), who expresses her concern in a statement for RTL.

King Willem-Alexander & Queen Máxima in great concern

  Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander worry about their eldest daughter Amalia.
Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander worry about their eldest daughter Amalia. © IMAGO/PPE,

'She can hardly leave the house,' quoted 'RTLnieuws' Maximum Konigin , who gave a press conference with her husband during a state visit to Sweden. 'The consequences are very difficult for them,' Máxima continued. 'There is no student life for them like others have.' The royal couple was visibly affected at the press conference.

Outside threats would have a 'major impact' on Amalia's life, Queen Máxima said. 'It means that she doesn't live in Amsterdam and she can't really go outside either. These consequences are very serious for her. She can't lead a student life like other students do. I'm very proud of her, how she does everything I have to be honest. It's not nice to see your child like that'.

When asked what that does to him 'as a father', answered King Willem Alexandre r emotional: 'I can't describe it, it's really very difficult.' Queen Máxima: 'You can see that I'm getting a bit emotional. It's not nice to see your child like that.'

Im Video: Prinzessin Amalia im Visier der Mafia?

  Prinzessin Amalia im Visier der Mafia?

Marijke Amado appeals to government: 'Please Holland, fight for a free country'

  Presenter Marijke Amado as a guest on the WDR talk show Kölner Treff
Presenter Marijke Amado as a guest on the WDR talk show Kölner Treff © IMAGO/Horst Galuschka,

Also the 68 year old Moderator Marijke Amado is stunned by the dangers in her home country. ' First Peter R. de Vries, a journalist who uncovered a lot , and then it's on to the children. What has become of our free democracy?” asks the TV personality in an interview with RTL reporter Sarah Zaczek. The fact that a young woman like Amalia is now being massively restricted in her freedom makes her sad: 'Poor Amalia, can no longer freely enjoy her student days and is now locked up in the palace. This may take a few years.' Nevertheless, she admires the heir to the throne for her 'strength'. It is probably unimaginable how the 18-year-old must feel at the moment.

Amado fears that the mafia could destroy her country's 'wonderful democracy.' ' What has become of the Netherlands , where Amalia's grandmother and great-grandmother could still ride their bikes freely through Holland and the current generation has to be locked up in a palace by threats from the Mocro Mafia? The hard-won freedom and democracy is Holland's greatest asset and we should always get it,' said the 68-year-old, who even appealed to her country's government: 'Please Holland, fight for a free country.'

Amalia really just wanted to be a normal student

Heir to the throne Amalia began her studies in politics and economics at the University of Amsterdam last month and had moved into a rented apartment in the capital, which she shared with several other students.

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The royal couple have now explained that fears for their safety have forced their daughter to move back to the Huis ten Bosch Royal Palace in The Hague.

The Dutch police and the country's secret service did not want to comment on the security measures around the royal family. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (55) also said on Thursday evening that he could not give any details about the threats, but said: 'This is terrible news, first and foremost for Amalia. Everyone involved is doing everything they can to ensure that they are safe is.' (spot on news / csp/ lkr)

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