Man arrested at Queen Elizabeth II's coffin


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 Incident at the Queen's coffin

Incident at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. : On Friday evening, a man was arrested who was running towards the coffin in the Westminster Hall of the British Parliament in London, according to witnesses. According to media reports, the Metropolitan Police said the man was arrested after a disturbance occurred.

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Man wants to touch the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

A witness told Sky News that someone pushed her seven-year-old niece out of the way, ran to the coffin and tried to lift the royal standard lying over the coffin. The police seized him 'within two seconds'. The live television broadcast was suspended at the time and a view from outside Parliament was shown instead.

The Guardian reported, citing witnesses, that the man was from the queue jumped out, managed to climb the steps and touch the coffin. The Metropolitan Police said the man had been arrested for breaching the Public Order Act and is currently in custody, according to the British news agency PA.

David Beckham says goodbye to the Queen - and cries at the coffin

 David Beckham cries in front of the Queen's coffin

Countless people bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

The people of Great Britain have another opportunity this weekend to say goodbye to their monarch with a visit to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. The coffin is laid out in Westminster Hall until Monday morning before d he State Funeral for the Queen , who sat on the throne for 70 years.

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Countless people have taken the opportunity to pause at the coffin of Elizabeth II since Wednesday. To do this, they have to queue for hours in a kilometer-long queue along the Thames.

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