Manager of Harry's deceased ex-girlfriend raises serious allegations: 'Remove all titles from him! Immediately!'


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  Prince Harry and Caroline Flack briefly dated in 2009
Prince Harry and Caroline Flack briefly dated in 2009 © picture alliance

British presenter Caroline Flack took her own life in early 2020. In its Biography 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') chats Prinz Harry (38) now cheerful about the affair with the TV star. Her former manager Alex Mullen finds this tasteless and demands that the royal dropout be stripped of all titles. And that immediately.

Break up after a few dates

In his memoirs, Prince Harry finds warm words for the late Caroline Flack. The two dated briefly in 2009. But the romance eventually fell apart under public pressure.

The prince describes his ex-flame as 'funny,' 'cute,' and 'cool,' adding that 'she didn't have a big ego.' Although the former 'Love Island UK' presenter was a well-known TV star in Great Britain, Harry did not know who Caroline was, he writes in his book. I liked that 'she wasn't surprised that [he] didn't recognize her.'

The two had dated a couple of times back then, but then decided to go their separate ways, Harry said. Because the media hype would have been just too big. 'The paparazzi photos of us caused madness. Within hours, a mob was camped outside Caroline's parents' house, the houses of all her friends and her grandparents' house,' recalls the 38-year-old. 'Over time, we realized it wasn't worth the heartache and harassment. Especially for her family. ”But the two parted on good terms.

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Harry blames the press for Caroline's death

The British press was not kind to Caroline, Harry continued. 'She was described in one newspaper as 'a bit rough-necked' because she used to work in a factory or something. My God, I thought, are we really such a country of insufferable snobs?'”

The death of the then 40-year-old in February 2020 took Harry with him. 'She couldn't seem to take it anymore. The relentless abuse from the press, year after year, finally broke her,” Harry surmises.

The former presenter was found dead in her London apartment – just hours after it was announced she was due to appear in court weeks later over a previous altercation with her ex-boyfriend Lewis Burton .

'Disgusting of him to reveal such private details about Caroline Flack!'

Caroline's former manager, Alex Mullen, doesn't like Harry mentioning his ex in the memoir and is now taking a stab at him online. 'Disgusting of him to reveal such private details about Caroline Flack. The way the press spoke about her at the time and the reason for their split are both very sad and it's disgusting that he's using her name to help sell his book.' account.

Alex gets even more out of Instagram. 'Harry's decision to remember all the horrific things that have been said about her to help sell his horrifying book is grotesque. Also, and perhaps worst of all, he writes as if he has any idea why Carrie took her own life and parrots media reports as if they were real. Blaming the press for reading that about it. He doesn't know anything,' reads one long post. Harry should rather think about how much he and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) hurt the Queen with their behavior in their last months of life. Finally, the manager demands: 'The royal family must immediately strip him of all titles.' (tma)

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