Mareile Höppner: 'Wrinkles can be very beautiful'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Mareile Hoeppner:"Falten können sehr schön sein"
Mareile Höppner (left) and Rebecca Mir at the L'Oréal Paris beauty lunch at Berlin Fashion Week. © Benjamin Jehne/L'Oreal Paris, SpotOn

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin is currently being outstripped by beauty. The Fashion Week turns the capital into a meeting point for the beauties and the fashion-conscious. At the invitation of L'Oréal Paris, celebrities and influencers met for lunch and a short stop in the 'Chiaro' restaurant in the 'Hotel de Rome'. The French cosmetics manufacturer presented new products such as the vitamin C serum or the Bond Repair hair care line. In the interview, presenter Mareile Höppner (45), model Rebecca Mir (31) and actress Natalia Avelon (42) - all generously equipped in terms of beauty - talk about them.

Do beautiful people have it easier?

Avelon: Yes, because people generally like to surround themselves with well-groomed people who have a strong personality. But mere surface is not enough. For me there is no true outer beauty without inner beauty.

Mir: It takes not only beauty, but also personality to inspire people in the long term. Especially in the professional beauty industry: only true personality radiates beyond a poster.

Höppner: As a rule, we actually take attractive people as role models. A straight face cut has a calming and pleasant effect on most people. But beauty can also be disturbing for oneself, especially if one would rather see oneself defined by other things than just external appearance. So in my family, posture was always more important than beauty.

How can I have a positive effect on my beauty?

Avelon: Only when I'm happy and content do I have the lightness and positive aura to have a positive effect on others. While makeup can help to cover up disagreements, it doesn't work forever. It becomes noticeable when someone is not satisfied with themselves.

Mir: Self-confidence is very important, self-confidence and self-assurance. It's good to be at peace with yourself and good to yourself. But you should also know how to set accents: I know how to make my hair shine or how to conjure up freshness in my face.

Höppner: I like that beauty is always changing. Today's ideals are different from those of 50 years ago. Perhaps we should move even more toward not only feeling the smooth surface as beautiful, but also being able to see that wrinkles, for example, can be beautiful.

Are there moments when you don't feel beautiful?

Mir: I think there are phases in which you find yourself more beautiful than in other moments. Everyone knows that: If I find someone sympathetic, this person becomes beautiful for me. This also applies to oneself. I have to like myself, then I find myself beautiful.

Avelon: For me, mental health is the be-all and end-all when it comes to beauty. We are all under a lot of pressure and one more reason to take care of the inner beauty as well as the outer one. With cosmetics and healthy nutrition we strengthen the physical. If your mental health is broken, only therapy can help.

Does fashion inspire beauty or the other way around?

Mir: For me, fashion is also art. It's fun to try things out, to reinvent yourself. Fashion can show us sides that are still unknown to us. It is inspiration for our existence.

What do you particularly care about yourself?

Avelon: Skin and hair care is very important to me. I like to use serums and ampoules for this. I use oils for my hair. Otherwise, I can recommend everyone to eat healthy, exercise regularly and drink plenty of fluids.

Höppner: Cleaning is very important to me. I regularly have a no make-up day. And I swear by my hair serum.

What do you consider beautiful yourself?

Avelon: A sparkle in the eyes, a loving look, an infectious laugh...

Höppner: In men, I like warm, friendly looking eyes, laugh lines and a sense of humor. And when I notice: Inside and outside go well together.

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