Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse? These are the 5 biggest celebrity miscasts


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 These are the absolute celebrity miscasts

by Kerstin Henke and Leonie Krebber

Is that supposed to be Amy Winehouse? That's what some internet users are asking themselves have seen the first pictures of the biopic 'Back to Black'. . actress Marisa Abela (29) slips into the role of late soul singer . But in view of this celebrity cast, minds are divided. Many find that the 29-year-old doesn't look like the icon and can't do her justice. It wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened in a biopic. From Princess Diana to Steve Jobs, see the five biggest celebrity miscasts in this video.

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Criticism of Amy Winehouse's biopic

After the first picture of Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse was released on January 13, fans have reacted and expressed their expectations for the film. In the 'Back to Black' star's first snap, the Brighton-born actress sports the late star's famous beehive hairstyle and tattooed upper arm. 'What do you think of Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse? It's a compelling image, but I now know that it's not just about capturing the look,' mused one Twitter user, sharing the snap online.

'I love it' and 'I'm so proud of Marisa,' said two dedicated fans. However, some were less enthusiastic about the teaser image. 'I hope that everyone involved in this, for the rest of their lives 3 plagues stricken night,' one angry fan of the late singer wrote on Twitter, while another seemingly agreed, 'Let the woman rest in peace at last.'

Marisa Abela takes off in Hollywood

Marisa Abela is a newcomer to the film industry. But she has a big year ahead of her: in addition to filming Back to Black, she will be appearing in the highly anticipated live-action film Barbie alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. (lkr)

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