Marriage off after 13 years! Presenter Eva Imhof announces separation


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Peter and Eva Imhof are no longer together.
Peter and Eva Imhof are no longer together and have separated after many years together © RTL

For 13 years, the 'Imhofs' were only known together, now the RTL presenter is leaving Eva Imhof (44) and her husband Peter have gone their separate ways. The 44-year-old has now made this public on social media. She had already decided to separate about a year ago, they had parted on good terms.

'Sometimes things happen in life that take you down a different path'

 Eva Imhof announces her separation on social media.
Eva Imhof announces her separation on social media. © Instagram/evaimhof

'Here's something that has been on my mind for a long time: Many of you have already suspected it and I would like to be honest with you now. Yes, I broke up with Peter a long time ago and we're going different ways,' the journalist begins her private statement. It wasn't easy for her to find a way to deal with the situation either. That's why she kept the separation to herself for the time being - 'out of consideration for us and our family'.

Also explains the mom of two that she did not have the strength to make this information public due to mental illness in the past year. She would like to leave the circumstances uncommented, saying only this much: 'Sometimes things happen in life that lead you down different paths'.

Eva is grateful for any support

'I am very grateful for our 13-year marriage and the wonderful children that we brought into the world and that we continue to take care of together,' emphasizes the native of Darmstadt. At the end of a long chapter, one feeling prevails: gratitude. Gratitude to the family, friends, and companions who have shown her 'loyalty, words of wisdom, support, and love.' (lkr)

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