Matthew Scar (30) looks incredibly similar to Heath Ledger – it changes his whole life


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  Matthew Scar
This man (30) looks a lot like Heath Ledger, doesn't he? © Jam Press/@matthew_scar (Jam Press/@matthew_scar (Photographer) - [None]

'Uh, isn't that...?' Some people will probably have this thought when they see this man. Yes, we agree, the resemblance to a Hollywood star is really amazing. Matthew Scar could be the identical twin of Heath Leadger, who died in 2008. And that's exactly what completely changed his life, the 30-year-old claims.

Heath Ledger doppelganger: Man (30) looks like 'The Dark Knight' star

'I don't really get confused with him in public very often because we all know he's not with us anymore,' Scar told LAD Bible. Because the Hollywood star, known among other things from 'The Dark Knight', died in a serious car accident and i has been dead for 14 years now . 'But I get people staring at me when I'm in a park or in a public place,' says Matthew. Usually they ask the musician for a picture. Then they would next ask if he was aware of the resemblance.

Sometimes the 30-year-old is also quite annoyed that God gave him such a striking resemblance in his cradle, because 'obsessed' fans would flood him with comments via TikTok.

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Your opinion is asked! Do you also find the resemblance to Heath Ledger striking?

Matthew Scar leads an ordinary life until he moves to Heath Ledger's native town

The visual resemblance to Heath Ledger also has implications for Scar's real life. The musician from Italy says some people have even refused to believe he isn't the movie star. They thought they saw a 'ghost'. Still, it's all pretty good publicity for him as he tries to increase his online exposure.

Matthew Scar explains that he even lived a fairly 'normal' life until he moved to the Western Australian city of Perth, Heath Ledger's birthplace, at the age of 20. Then people noticed how similar he was to him. He now has 70,000 followers on TikTok alone and has even been asked to play the role of Heath Ledger in a film .

Incredible resemblance! Man looks like Heath Ledger - that goes down well

Heath Ledger Lookalike Gets Appearance in Movie - 'I Owe Him One'

Although Matthew Scar's true passion is music - heavy metal to be precise - he always finds that people's focus is on his famous face. But that's okay. His face has earned him a role in the movie Fatal Addiction, which is set to premiere on streaming platforms in December 2022.

'I just got a call from a lookalikes agency and they asked if I'd like to be in a movie as Heath. It was great fun being on a movie set,' said Scar. He is excited to see the end result at the end of the year.

His resemblance to Ledger has given him the opportunity to do things that might otherwise never have happened. And all this is possible, although the two have never met in real life. 'I don't know if he can hear me, but I feel like I owe him one - I actually love the guy,' Scar concludes. (mjä)

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