Matthias Carras: shock message three days before his death


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Pop singer Matthias Carras
Pop singer Matthias Carras © IMAGO/Eibner, IMAGO/Wingender/Eibner-Pressefoto,

by Markus Peggen and Denise Gazweiler

The early death of Matthias Carras still shakes the hit world. The singer passed away on January 14 at the age of 58 - surrounded by his loved ones. 2020 was already with him Krebs was diagnosed, but only a few days before his death he received the next piece of bad news: leukemia.

Andreas Rosmiarek reports on Matthias Carras' last days

'Despite his long-standing cancer - bone cancer - Matthias was always positive and full of creativity. He often hoped that he had finally conquered cancer, but there were always setbacks,' explains Matthias Carras' manager and long-time companion Andreas Rosmiarek when asked by RTL. Just such a setback happened recently. 'A few days before his death, Matthias received the diagnosis of leukemia from his doctors,' he continues. For this reason, a novel therapy from the USA, which was soon to be launched, could no longer have been carried out: 'Three days after this diagnosis, Matthias Carras fell asleep peacefully in the presence of his wife Anne and his two daughters.'

Andreas Rosmiarek is proud of being able to 'accompany Matthias for a small part of his life'. Hardly anyone has 'impressed him so much in recent years'. Above all, 'his always positive attitude, his willpower, his artistic standards and his team spirit' were 'a personal enrichment' for him.

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'Despite numerous health setbacks, Matthias continued to fight cancer'

With the album 'Endlich frei', which was released in summer 2022, Matthias fulfilled a big dream and thus reinvented himself musically. And he had other big plans. 'Despite numerous health setbacks at the end of 2022, Matthias continued to fight cancer. He has already dreamed of a new music album in 2023,” says Rosmiarek. They actually got the project after his CAR-T cell therapy, with which pole vaulter Tim Lobinger (50) tried to defeat cancer, should start. But that never happened: 'After years of fighting cancer, he's finally free.'

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