Maximilia died as a baby: Dr. Johannes Wimmers is still crying


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Johannes Wimmer recording the'NDR Talk Show' im NDR Fernsehstudio Lokstedt. Hamburg, 07.10.2022
A song touched Dr. Johannes Wimmer to tears on the 'NDR Talk Show'. © action press, ActionPress

Since the beginning of September, TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer (39) together with Bettina Tietjen (62) the 'NDR Talk Show' . In yesterday's episode (October 14th) there is an unexpected outburst of emotions. The father of a family bursts into tears in front of the camera in front of the camera, thinking about his daughter Maximilia, who died when she was only nine months old. Now he expresses himself on Instagram about his feelings.

Lines of the song upset the moderator

  Gregor Meyle during the recording of the NDR Talk Show in the NDR television studio Lokstedt. Hamburg, October 14th, 2022 *** Gregor Meyle at the recording of the NDR Talk Show in the NDR TV studio Lokstedt Hamburg, 14 10 2022 Photo: xH.xHartmannx/xFuturexImage
Singer Gregor Meyle upset his talk show host with a song. © IMAGO/Future Image, IMAGO/Hein Hartmann,

Singer Gregor Meyle (44) was a guest on the talk show in that issue and presented his song 'Equilibrium'. He dedicated the song to his wife and daughter: 'To be precise, I was just lucky. I find my balance with you,' he sings in the piece, among other things. Lines that caused great emotions in Johannes.

A good two years ago, the doctor and his wife Clara had to suffer the worst loss imaginable: Her daughter died of a malignant brain tumor in November 2020 when she was just nine months old . 'That was too much, too,' says the talk show host a day later in a video on Instagram. He fought for his composure and tried to hide his feelings. 'Then you can feel that there are cameras. (...) Then my heart starts beating and I thought: 'God, am I doing something wrong?!'', he summarizes his thoughts to his almost 160,000 followers.

This is how his fans react to the tears

But the fact that the 39-year-old didn't have his 'emotional cover at the top', as he now says himself on Instagram, his fans don't blame him at all. 'Thank you for exactly these unplanned and heartbreaking, emotional moments that simply show life,' comments a follower on the approximately seven-minute video. 'So human! So beautiful,” writes another. 'Showing feelings in a world that's getting colder and colder, that's great,' thanks another.

In the show he fought back tears: “I have to collect myself for a moment. I was at my dead daughter's grave today,' Johannes explained to his studio guests about the emotional outburst. The popular moderator has often spoken about the unbelievable torment that he and his wife had to go through and still have to go through .

Johannes shares tips with his followers

Johannes gives his followers an important tip that he had to learn himself: listen to yourself more. 'Don't let it get you down,' he writes about his video statement. On TV he listened to his heart and let his grief run free. He has by no means lost sympathy as a result - only gained. Letting go is not an option – in August 2021 Johannes and Clara became parents for the second time. (vne)

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