Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: They pissed off the fans with these recordings


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  Megan Fox und Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are receiving harsh criticism for their fluffy new addition to the family. © action press, ActionPress

They are incredibly proud and happy to expand their family: Machine Gun Kelly (32) introduces his Insta followers to two kittens that he and his fiancee have Megan Fox (36) recently moved in. But the joy of the celebrity couple does not necessarily meet with benevolent comments – rather, these recordings are an absolute no-go for many fans! Not for the first time.

Machine Gun Kelly is proud of his new kittens

'New gang members,' writes Machine Gun Kelly, MGK for short, along with a series of photos and videos on Instagram. You can see him and Megan as well as the fluffy addition to the family. A Siamese cat looks sleepily into the camera while the 32-year-old cuddles it against his bare chest and looks down at her in love. A little Bengal kitten has also moved in with them: 'Tickets and Na'avi' are the names of the two, although it is not clear which cat was given which name.

Just over a year ago, at the end of February 2022, the couple had their first kitten: a Bengal cat named 'Whiskey'. She eyes her new playmates skeptically at first, before she makes herself comfortable on the scratching post with her little Mini-Me. Family reunification apparently successful. However, many fans of the dream couple are less happy, who got engaged in a quirky ceremony early last year .

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  Machine Gun Kelly stops around Megan Fox' Hand an

Fans angry: 'Adopted! Don't buy from the breeder!'

The Siamese or Bengal cats are pedigree cats that are usually bought from breeders for a lot of money. You can find prices online for the leopard-patterned Bengals between 1,500 and 3,000 euros. And that's exactly why the actress and the singer are now (again) in the criticism. 'Buying designer animals sucks,' writes one follower openly. 'There are so many that need to be rescued from animal shelters.' Another said, 'I've always been a huge fan but please tell me you don't BUY cats.'

According to statistics from Animal Care and Control, more than 600 cats were abandoned by their owners in animal shelters in the LA area, where the couple lives, last year. Over 3,000 were caught as strays! Last year, the animal welfare organization PETA put the total number of cats in shelters around Los Angeles at over 15,000! Another, sad column in the annual report of 'Animal Control' from the end of November shows what happens if these cannot be conveyed: Almost 2,000 cats were killed by euthanasia. 'You could have saved a cat's life by adopting a kitten from a shelter. Instead you decided to buy something 'cool'. Very sad,” criticized another follower.

'Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: Why Do You Hate Me?'

Even after the couple bought Bengal kitten 'Whiskey' in February 2022, they were harshly criticized. PETA even put up posters in Los Angeles showing a cute kitten behind bars, apparently addressing Machine Gun Kelly and Megan directly with the words 'Why do you hate me?'

The couple has not yet responded to the criticism. Again and again they provoke the net with offensive recordings . They live together as a big family. Megan has three children between 6 and 10 years from her marriage to actor Brian Austin Green (49). MGK a 13-year-old daughter named Casie . (vne)

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