Melanie Müller is 'not doing well' on her first appearance after the scandal video


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Melanie Mueller"geht es nicht gut" auf Malle-Konzert

There are serious allegations that Ballermann star Melanie Müller (34) is currently exposed to: A 25-second video shows her performing – surrounded by right-wing supporters . Obscure Nazi slogans are belted out and some raise their arms in a 'Hitler salute'. Right in the middle is the singer, who clearly distances herself from right-wing ideas in a statement. Now she has made her first appearance after the video was published in Mallorca. But she wasn't really in the party mood, as the video shows. Friend DJ Düse also knows how she's really doing at the moment.

She has canceled appearances in Dresden

  Melanie Müller Plakat am Bolero
Melanie Müller performed in the Majorcan 'Bolero' at Ballermann. © RTL

Melanie Müller has just canceled an appearance at the Oktoberfest in Dresden . She is currently not in the mood to perform again in Germany, where the frightening scenes took place. 'After the reporting of the last few days, it is important for me to clarify a few things that have been presented in the press before I go back to my fans in Dresden on stage. In the current situation, I can't just go into a party mood so easily,' she wrote on Instagram.

In Mallorca, the (fan) situation looks a little different. In the night from September 27th to 28th she is on stage in the famous 'Bolero' at the Ballermann and tries to get the party guests present in a party mood. No sign of right-wing slogans, but a conventional bar atmosphere. But the performance is not as exuberant as usual. She delivers, but the spark doesn't really want to jump over the audience.

In an interview with RTL, Ballermann artist 'DJ Düse' (48) comments, who knows that the 34-year-old is not doing well at the moment. He has known Melanie for a long time and spoke to her before her performance: 'She's not doing so well today because she's taking it pretty hard.' He talked to her for a long time and 'she's pretty exhausted.'

Will this video cost her her career?

Melanie's career is on shaky ground. Especially in Mallorca, the scene is downright 'shocked', as RTL reporter and Mallorca expert Eva Rullmann notes . Ever since the scandalous video became public, Melanie has asserted that her audience did not include Nazis. She also made it clear on Instagram: 'I clearly distance myself from what happened at the performance in Leipzig.'

She stopped appearing in the Saxon city shortly after the slogans. So far, there is no video evidence of this. A circumstance that should change, as media expert Hans Christian Biedermann emphasized in an interview with RTL . (vne)

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