Melanie Müller's ex Mike Blümer exclusively: 'I'm currently not ready to give her the children back'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Mike Blumer and Melanie Muller
Mike Blumer and Melanie Muller © RTL / picture alliance / dpa | Robert Pfeil

by Sebastian Tews

The headlines around Melanie Mueller (3. 4), at whose concert in Leipzig spectators apparently belted out Nazi slogans and raised their arms in a Hitler salute, never end. Another video is now circulating online, which allegedly shows the Ballermann singer herself performing the said gesture. She herself still distances herself from the right-wing scene, but that seems to her ex Mike Blümer not enough. Among other things, he is very worried about the two children they have together.

Is Melanie Müller's career in danger?

  What does the scandal mean for Melanie Müller's career?

Mike Blumer worried about his children

'I can't get the whole story. I am shocked, helpless, speechless. I no longer recognize the person Melli Müller, who is still my wife,' explains Melanie Müller's husband exclusively RTL. The greatest concern is now his daughter Mia and son Matty: 'In consultation with the youth welfare office and other institutions, I first took the children to me so that no weird things happened. We have joint custody and it is my duty to look after her. And at the moment I'm not ready to give her the children back either.' According to Blümer, the two would now stay with him for the time being: 'They should be kept out of all this stuff. I've also noticed that even friends of mine and myself are being bullied on the street because of the videos.'

Recordings shock Mike Blumer

According to Mike, Melanie would not have shown any 'right-wing tendencies' in the past. “We used to have a Colombian nanny, we wanted to take her to a former concentration camp and explain the sad story behind it and the unspeakable suffering that happened there. For this reason, the videos shock me immensely, ”explains the father of the family. And he claims: 'Since the separation from me, she has slipped into right-wing circles - also through her partner. I have warned her several times. But she's without a lead at the moment and we're seeing the result of that now. I hope that at some point she turns her brain back on.”

However, Melanie distances herself from the right-wing scene. She claims to have stopped performing when she realized what kind of audience she was entertaining. A video should also prove this – but this has not yet appeared publicly. Also to the recordings which they are supposed to show themselves during the Hitler salute, Does she have an explanation? 'I can only sort of laugh at what's being pulled out here right now. I've been on stage for eleven years and always do these hand movements. Not from a right-wing extremist background, but 'Zicke zacke zicke zacke', exactly the way I do it there, 'quoted 'Bild' the 34-year-old.

Is Melanie Müller showing the Hitler salute here?

  Is Melanie Müller showing the Hitler salute here?

Even if Müller defends himself, Mike Blümer is certain: 'Your career is over for me. Very few people can probably cope with what she said there. Every advertising partner, every organizer will give them a wide berth.” (dga)

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