Melanie Müller: The video could cost her her career


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Melanie Mueller"geht es nicht gut" auf Malle-Konzert

A video has been putting Ballermann star Melanie Müller (34) in a questionable light for days. At one of their concerts, obscure Nazi slogans are blared out loud and the Hitler salute performed . In a statement on Instagram, the mother of two small children asserts that she has nothing to do with the right-wing scene. But the 25 video seconds could cost her her career, as a media expert analyzed in an interview with RTL. In the video above we summarize the events again.

It's up to Melanie to prove them wrong

'When you see the video, it's of course absolutely scandalous, because as a viewer you can see in which direction the whole thing is going with the right-wing extremist gestures and exclamations,' is the first assessment by Hans Christian Biedermann. The media expert admits that it is possible that singers hear little from the audience during the performance: 'I cannot understand the extent to which Melanie Müller noticed the actions in the audience immediately. Of course, if she found out, she should have stopped immediately.”

In her statement, in which she clearly distances herself from right-wing ideas, the 34-year-old asserts that she stopped the concert a little later . However, there is no video evidence of this. 'If there is such a video, it would definitely be helpful,' says the expert. 'What she has to do now, above all, is to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again, that she doesn't end up in this right-hand corner and is no longer eligible for normal bookings.'

incidents more frequent

  Melanie Mueller
Ballermann singer Melanie Müller © dpa, Bodo Schackow, alf alf

She has just made her first appearance on Mallorca since the serious allegations arose – in the video.

But especially on the party island, her future now looks difficult. Booker and other artists were 'shocked' by Melanie's video, as RTL reporter and Mallorca expert Eva Rullmann notes . Media expert Biedermann advises that Melanie Müller should take a close look at the locations and organizers in advance in the future. 'She has a lot of work now and has to distance herself from the right-wing corner through public statements, and then I think she should definitely be given the chance to perform again.'

Hans Christian Biedermann also states that such incidents are happening more and more frequently. “I have observed that such activities are unfortunately increasing due to Corona. Because there were no concerts for many months and now everything is being opened again and a lot of groups that had difficulties finding publicity during Corona are looking for this podium for their own actions.

A few hours ago, Melanie again stated on Instagram: 'The fact is: my audience does not include Nazis.' She hopes to be able to position herself publicly soon. However, she canceled a performance planned for Dresden . (dga/vna)

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