Melissa McCarthy: Educational talk with daughter verk****


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 Melissa McCarthy: Educational talk with daughter verk****
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Melissa McCarthy botched sex talk with her daughter by picking up dog poop.

The actress, 52, wanted to have an educational conversation with her 15-year-old daughter Vivian before the subject was discussed at school because she didn't want 'anyone else to initiate this conversation with my child'. However, she now knows exactly what she should do better next time.

Now on the podcast 'We Can Do Hard Things', Melissa admitted, 'I made it incredibly awkward.' The actress - who also has daughter Georgette, 12, with husband Ben Falcone - also joked about trying to date Vivian Talking sex while bending down to pick up dog poop was a 'really wonderful time' to chat. She added, 'Vivi was just like, 'Oh dear God, is this really happening?' And I was like, 'There are different parts of the body...uh...' I was just like, 'Let me be clumsy and get through it.' 'But her own upbringing doesn't make it easy for the 'Gilmore Girls' actress to talk about such topics. 'There's still that Midwestern ex-Catholic in me who thinks, 'Talk about sex and you'll get struck by lightning.''

But Melissa insisted she's had better conversations with her kids about dating since, with her and her husband urging their girls to choose partners who are 'incredibly kind and respectful' and have a positive attitude. She added: 'That person has to be incredibly happy when you succeed and incredibly supportive when you fail. And if that ever changes, that's the biggest red flag in the world. And nothing should make you uncomfortable.”

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