Michael Begasse on Prince Harry's interview: These are the reasons for the soul striptease


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  This is how the British react to Harry's revealing interview

That explosive Interview from Prinz Harry (38) hits like a bomb! In Great Britain, the prince's homeland, many are appalled by Harry's revelations – but not all: You can see in the video why the royal emigrant has even gained sympathy points in some places after his public sweeping. Our nobility expert Michael Begasse has already watched the explosive interviews in full and expresses his very own assumptions as to what the reasons for the royal soul striptease could be and why Prince Harry is now going public with these spicy details about his family.

'There is no taboo subject. A soul striptease deluxe, everything comes on the table'

Prince Harry knows no mercy. Whether in the Netflix documentary alongside his wife Meghan, in two interviews or in his biography 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') - the 38-year-old unpacks and is tough on his family. “There is no taboo subject. A soul striptease deluxe, everything comes on the table 'Summarizes nobility expert Michael Begasse in an interview with RTL and admits that he was 'shocked' after the broadcast. He sees two main reasons why Prince Harry took this radical step: 'He has to earn money, he says that very clearly in the interview, because Papa Charles (74) turned off the money tap. The security measures alone cost him six million dollars a year!”

But there are also deeper motivations behind it. 'He's doing it primarily to bring public awareness of a childhood trauma -- and that was the death of his mother. He was twelve years old when Diana died and he said very clearly in the interview: 'I wasn't given any support!' says Michael Begasse. Harry didn't understand what was going on at the time, nobody explained it to him - especially his father, according to the 38-year-old. 'I once cried at the funeral. Now I can talk about how strange that was and how I actually felt guilty,' he told British journalist Tom Bradby. A statement that also makes our Royal experts sit up and take notice: “You have to imagine that. When he was 12 and had to walk behind mum's coffin, he feels guilty himself!”

Is there a way back after this radical sweep?

This traumatic event is said to be one of the reasons for the broken relationship between Harry and his brother Prince William (40) be. After the death of their mother, they both dealt with it differently and took different paths. 'They also fell out along the way and I think that's a real shame,' explains Michael Begasse. 'Calling your brother your archenemy - I think that has a whole new quality!'

Is there any way back after such harsh statements? “The ball is now in the other field. He says his family now has the opportunity to pick up the ball and apologize to him,' explains the nobility expert. However, Michael Begasse himself finds that this is “a bit absurd”, British newspapers even headline that Harry “unpacked the flamethrower” and completely destroyed the bridge that was still there. He has nothing left to lose at this point. 'There is a certain bitterness in this interview,' summarizes Michael Begasse, there will be no public apology from the Royals, if at all it would happen in a private setting.

RTL shows Prince Harry's full-length interview

about his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), Prince Harry only finds words of praise in his book. 'He says very clearly: Meghan is actually the mother, the woman, the lover, the heart person that he never had. He sees his current wife as a kind of reincarnation of his mother,' says Begasse.

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on January 10th. For the publication of his book, the 38-year-old gave a detailed interview to the British broadcaster 'ITV'. RTL is showing the entire conversation exclusively in Germany on January 9 from 5 p.m. in the special program “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview”. ( um )

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