Michael-Jackson-Biopic: Lionsgate holt Regisseur Antoine Fuqua an Bord


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 Michael-Jackson-Biopic: Lionsgate holt Regisseur Antoine Fuqua an Bord
A biopic about the King of Pop is in the works at Lionsgate. © Vicki L. Miller/Shutterstock.com, SpotOn

Shooting is scheduled to start in 2023

Lionsgate has found a suitable director for the planned biopic about Michael Jackson (1958-2009): Antoine Fuqua (56) is to direct the film entitled 'Michael', as he himself confirmed to 'The Hollywood Reporter'. 'The first films of my career were music videos and I still feel that film and music are a big part of me,' Faqua said.

'For me, there is no artist with the same power, charisma and sheer musical genius of Michael Jackson,' he continues. 'His work inspired me to do music videos - he was the first black artist to walk up and down MTV. His music and these images are part of my worldview and a chance to share his story alongside his music on screen telling was irresistible.'

In the 1990s, Fuqua produced music videos for Prince (1958-2016), Queen Latifah (52), Stevie Wonder (72) and Usher (44), among others. As a film director he directed the historical film 'Emancipation' and as a producer he was involved in the action comedy 'Bullet Train'.

'In-Depth Portrait of a Complicated Man'

The film studio Lionsgate already confirmed in February 2022 that a biopic about the 'King of Pop' was in the works. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' producer Graham King (61) is on board as a producer, as are John Branco and John McClain, who help manage Jackson's estate. John Logan (61) will contribute the screenplay for 'Michael'. According to Variety, filming is scheduled to start in 2023.

The biopic aims to provide an 'in-depth portrait of the complicated man who became the King of Pop. It will bring Jackson's most iconic performances to life and provide an in-depth look at the entertainer's artistic process and personal life.'

The film chronicles Jackson's beginnings with the band The Jackson Five and his rise to superstardom, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50. He is one of the most successful artists of all time. He is said to have sold an estimated 400 million records. He had 13 number one singles on the Billboard charts. There are also numerous Grammys and Brit Awards as well as a Golden Globe.

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