Michelle Hunziker: Tomaso Trussardi settles her affair with me – not a 'decent person'


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At the love carousel of Michelle Hunziker (45) can get pretty dizzy. But one has now indicated that he will no longer drive another lap. What Hunziker's husband Tomaso Trussardi really thinks of her ex-affair Giovanni Angiolini – and whether marriage with her still has a future.

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Michelle Hunziker: Affair with Dr. Love Giovanni Angiolini has consequences

  Looks like a love vacation: Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini are sunbathing together on the deck of a yacht.
Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini sunbathe together on the deck of a yacht. © MEGA

Just earlier this year, Michelle and Tomaso Trussardi (39) announced that they are have separated . The two had been married since 2014 and were considered the dream couple par excellence. However, it didn't take long after the breakup for the rumor mill to simmer. First Michelle was said to be dating an ex-husband again Eros Ramazzotti (59) should have, but there was nothing to it. Unlike hers Affair with the Italian doctor Giovanni Angiolini (41). Doctor Amore comforted Michelle over the summer and made out with her in Sardinia. With the hot season, this flirt also came to an end, followed by the separation 'without any particular reason'. But one person doesn't seem to have gotten over it that easily: her husband Tomaso! She is said to have hooked up with him again after her affair, but he now finds clear words.

In the video: This is what Michelle says about her relationship status

  Michelle Hunziker on relationship status and family planning

'I feel unsuitable for any kind of relationship right now'

Michelle and Tomaso have reconnected with their doctor after the liaison spent a vacation together and fueled the rumor mill again. Tomaso is now putting an end to that. In an interview with the Italian magazine 'Corriere' he speaks plainly: 'I've been accused of flirting of all kinds - the truth is that at the moment I don't feel suitable for any kind of relationship with any woman other than Michelle'. After that, he couldn't just start over as if nothing had happened. But he finds even clearer words for Dr. Giovanni Angiolini: 'A man who sneaks into a relationship in crisis, with a married woman and mother of two little girls, I cannot consider a decent person.' Ouch! Apparently that is still deep and sounds as if Tomaso had wanted a love comeback with Michelle. However, the topic seems to be off the table now and for Tomaso only one thing counts: 'Michelle and I are close to each other as parents and try to create a relaxed environment for our daughters.' ( mri )

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