Mike Myers: Maybe 'Austin Powers' Part 4?


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 Mike Myers: Maybe 'Austin Powers' Part 4?
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Mike Myers refuses to rule out a fourth 'Austin Powers' movie.

The 59-year-old actor played both the titular comedic spoof of mild-mannered spy James Bond and his nemesis Dr. Evil in three films: 1997's 'Austin Powers', 'Austin Powers' from 1999 and 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' from 2002. The star always said , says he's ready to resume the roles, but says he has no idea if it will ever happen.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' when asked if there will be another movie in the series, he replied: 'I don't know. I'll give you a big, solid, written maybe on it.” When asked the same question in May, he said, “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, whether it exists or not.” As When it was suggested that his comment 'felt like an endorsement,' he told 'SiriusXM' Jess Cagle, 'It was an unacknowledged, affirmative endorsement.'

Myers - who also wrote and produced the trilogy - discussed the possibility of a fourth 'Austin Powers' movie in November 2018 and admitted it looks good. But he said at the time that time doesn't always play along: 'Well, you'll be Dr. Evil soon see somewhere in the culture. But the movie, you know, I have three kids under the age of seven. Movies take a long time to write, it always has been. Jay Roach [Austin Powers director] was super crazy. He's got an amazing film he's working on right now. But it looks good.'

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