'Modern Family' star Nolan Gould: Luke is a muscleman today


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Nolan Gould on his way to the gym in Los Angeles.
Nolan Gould on his way to the gym in Los Angeles. © action press, ActionPress

Is this Little Luke from Modern Family ? Yes! Actor Nolan Gould (24) found a new passion after filming the hit series ended: bodybuilding. He has funny and at the same time inspiring thoughts.

'Modern Family' star Nolan Gould: The little brother is now a strong man

„Modern Family“ -Fans have practically grown up with 'Luke Dunphy': When the first episode aired in 2009, child actor Nolan Gould was only ten years old. Over eleven seasons we accompanied him through puberty and the start of life as a young adult. As the initially somewhat stupid brother of two older sisters, he is always learning and is becoming increasingly mature and responsible. Despite this, we laugh a lot, but mostly with him.

In 2020 the last shooting for the sitcom took place . Nolan Gould, who lined his pockets well as one of the stars of the series, now had the time and money to sit back and relax. But instead, the early 20-year-old American switched to power mode: in mid-2020 he will start a rigorous pumper program with his trainer Mike.

Attack of the clone Nolans

Six months later, he Instagrammed his toned physique and reflected on the journey so far: 'I had one goal in mind: if a Nolan from another dimension, me from the future, or a government-bred clone of myself would ever try To take me out and take my place as the real Nolan in this universe, then I want to be able to defeat him in single combat.'

Ultimately, it just makes him physically healthier and emotionally happier, and that's the main thing. He relies on his fans and friends to always tell him apart from the evil clone from the future for his own safety. Even today, Nolan diligently goes to the gym to continue sculpting his Adonis figure. It is not known whether he is preparing for a role. Since the end of Modern Family, we've been eagerly awaiting the 24-year-old's next big film or TV appearance.

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