More open than ever: Simone Thomalla on her separation from Silvio Heinevetter


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Simone Thomalla (l) and handball player Silvio Heinevetter
Simone Thomalla and Silvio Heinevetter are no longer a couple. © dpa, Jörg Carstensen

Shared in fall 2021 Simone Thomalla (57) with that she and the handball professional Silvio Heinvetter (38) broke up after almost 13 years of relationship. At that time, the actress did not speak in detail about the love-off – until now!

Simone Thomalla did not find it easy to be single

'I admit it wasn't that easy to face single life after almost 13 years of partnership: you get up in the morning, nobody says 'good morning', you go to bed in the evening without kissing goodnight,' remembers Simone Thomalla back in an interview with “Bunte”. Suddenly you had to face life completely alone, which initially frightened her: 'For a long time I had hoped that we would find each other again despite the physical separation, but unfortunately I had to accept the slow death. And then we pulled the ripcord.”

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I helped her the separation Distraction, which she mainly found in her job. Among other things, she took on the role of the village helper Katja Baumann in the ZDF series 'Frühling'. 'On the day of the final breakup, I was in front of the camera for the first time for the new season. I had to turn. And I could! In addition, I was also suffering from Long Covid at the time and was completely powerless and tired,' says the moderator's mother Sophia Thomasla (33) further. Only in such a situation do you realize what you are ultimately capable of: 'Slowly I realized that you can also gain a lot from a separation, that changes are good and that now something new, different and exciting life begins. From there it went uphill!”

'Tatort' star failed miserably when dating

What sounds so simple, but also means a lot of work. 'Of course there was a phase where I thought I could never open up to a man again, let alone fall in love again. I think every woman knows that,' admits Simone Thomalla in 'Bunte'. As a strong, independent woman, finding a partner isn’t always that easy either: “I looked left and right and at some point seriously thought: Where should I find the one please? Even if I like someone, it's almost like winning the lottery when someone else feels the same way. No wonder there are so many great women in my circle of friends who are single – and have been for a number of years.”

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The 57-year-old dated – but failed not only once. At some point the point came when she had to realize: Being alone isn't that bad! “The feeling of being self-sufficient was great! I was able to freely determine my daily routine, I could plan my free time and last but not least: I alone had the remote control in my hand. That's how I grew month by month, I rediscovered myself and the joy of life,' she enthuses.

And then Simone Thomalla met her Mr. Right

  Simone Thomalla on the road with her DJ

The actress is now taken again and has been on cloud nine with her boyfriend Nicolino Hermano (45) for a few months. The two met at a hotel opening and he didn't know who she was. 'To all the skeptics: I didn't buy it from him at first either and immediately decided not to give him my cell phone number. However, I was smart enough to take his. I forced myself not to call until the next morning,' reveals Simone Thomalla and apparently did everything right... (dga)

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