Motsi Mabuse in the VIPstagram: Why she didn't accept her body until she was 40


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  Why Motsi Mabuse didn't accept her body until she was 40

Move Mabuse (41) is more confident than ever! That put the 'Let's Dance' judge proved again and again in the past few months – first with an underwear campaign, then recently with a photo shoot for the Curvy Magazine. The former professional dancer stands for body positivity, but it took a while for her to accept her body the way it is. After all, she was once a competitive athlete and was under a certain amount of pressure. “I weighed 50 kilos for 25 years,” she says. But those times are definitely over, as Motsi tells us in the video.

Motsi starts twelve week challenge

in the VIPstagram -Talk with Tanja Bülter and Kena Amoa, the 41-year-old presents her twelve-week challenge, which she launched at her dance school. “We are a community, we do workouts, we do mental training, we do nutritional training,” she explains the concept behind it. While this sounds a lot like a diet program at first, it is the exact opposite: because the goal is to come to terms with yourself. “There is always talk: I want to lose weight. In the end, when you really do this whole challenge and engage with it, you understand: you are good just the way you are. And if you want to change something, do it because you want to change it. But not because influencers come and say: This is what a woman looks like these days. That's what you have to look like,' Motsi clarifies.

In addition, the power woman states that a woman who does a lot of sport does not necessarily always need a six-pack to be considered well-trained - but we also show more about this in the video above!

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