Motsi Mabuse too fat at 50 kilos? Saying of her dance teacher stunned


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Motsi Mabuse has made peace with her body, but it's been a long road © action press, ActionPress

Move Mabuse (41) belongs next to Jorge gonzalez (55) and Joachim Llambi (58) to the popular jurors of 'Let's Dance'. But the professional dancer also has a reputation in Great Britain Jury member for UK version of dance show Strictly Come Dancing gained notoriety. In the current issue of the UK magazine 'Prima' she now talks about traumatic experiences in her childhood and why she has struggled with her weight for most of her life.

'I was supposed to lose weight when I was 100 pounds'

'As a professional dancer, my weight was a constant struggle,' says Motsi. “The focus is not only very much on the win, but also on your weight.” One comment in particular has stuck in her mind to this day: “A teacher once told me that I should lose weight when I was only 50 kilos !“

This is exactly why the 'Let's Dance' judge does not want her daughter (4) to follow in her footsteps later. 'I want to keep her away from all of this,' she explains. 'Of course I want her to be proud of the things I've done, but if she says she wants to be in show business, I'll probably lock her up!'

In the video: Motsi Mabuse campaigns for body positivity

  Mabuse Movement:"Wichtig, dass man auf seinen Körper achtet"

'A healthy mind, body and spirit is more important than being thin'

Over time, Motsi made peace with her body. 'I never go on stage thinking I look great, but I'm more forgiving of myself. A healthy mind, body and spirit are more important than being skinny,” she says.

In any case, Motsi, who has long been a champion of body positivity, does not want to hide her curves – on the contrary. The 41-year-old posed in seductive underwear for a lingerie brand in 2021 and recently graced the cover of The Curvy Magazine . (devotee)

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