Mourners line up to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II in London


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 Mourners line up to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II in London
Queen Elizabeth II. © BANG Showbiz

Thousands of people are said to be queuing to see the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II in London.

The monarch died last Thursday (September 8) at the age of 96 and more than 2,000 mourners have now queued in London to pay their last respects with an estimated wait of up to 30 hours.

According to reports from The Telegraph, an insider at today's Cabinet briefing revealed that the number of people waiting in line to see the Queen's coffin has risen from 200 to 2,000 in two hours. The queue to view the coffin is currently lining the River Thames, having started to form at 5pm on Tuesday (September 13). Mourners were issued wristbands for entry and were banned from taking photos or using cellphones inside the building. After her 'peaceful' death at her Balmoral estate, Her Majesty's coffin was wheeled through the streets of Scotland before she was flown back to London, accompanied by her daughter Princess Anne. The public will have four days to pay their respects to the late monarch ahead of her state funeral, which has been declared a public holiday in Britain and is due to take place on Monday (September 19). According to TfL Commissioner Andy Byford, organizers expect up to three-quarters of a million people to queue and 'well over' a million people to visit London during the mourning period. He explained: 'The latest approximation or estimate is that there may be as many as 750,000 people queuing [...]' Westminster Hall is due to open to mourners at 3pm on Wednesday, with the Queen's son King Charles III, who will follow Sarg on foot, along with their grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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