Mourning for the Queen: Airport employee gives touching consolation to the Royals


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Prince Harry puts his hand on the woman's shoulder
Affectionate gesture at Aberdeen Airport © picture alliance / dpa

It is a truly moving moment that happened this morning at Aberdeen Airport in Scotland. And it didn't stop there, because only a few hours later almost exactly the same picture. An airport worker appears to be very familiar with the royal family, offering comfort to both Prince Harry and his father, King Charles III. But who is the woman responsible for the moving situations?

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Prince Harry puts his hand on her shoulder

Prince Harry was the first royal to leave Balmoral Castle after the death of his grandmother, the Queen. In the morning he drove to the airport to fly back to his wife Meghan in London. On the way to the plane, the Duke of Sussex chats with a blonde woman - they look familiar to each other. And then Prince Harry even puts his hand on the lady's shoulder. It seems like she hit the right words at the moment and Harry wanted to express his gratitude with this gesture.

 King Charles shakes hands with woman
King Charles converses intimately with the woman at the airport. © dpa

King Charles also knew the woman at the airport

As King Chalres III. Leaving Bamoral, he too made his way to Aberdeen Airport and the picture was much the same as it had been a few hours earlier. Because Charles also talks to the woman in a familiar way and shakes her hand.

But who is this woman who seems like a support for the royals here on the tarmac? Her name is Phyllis Stuart and she is British Airways Airport Manager at Aberdeen - the airport through which the royals have traveled many times en route to and from Balmoral. So it is not surprising that she stands by the mourners in this difficult time, even if only for a short time. (kko)

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