'Mrs. Greenbird' singer Sarah Nücken is on stage for the first time after a leg amputation


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 The singer had her right leg amputated three weeks ago.
Mrs. Greenbird singer Sarah Nücken gave her first concert after her leg amputation. © imago/Christian Grube, SpotOn

Sarah Nücken (38) won the third season of the TV casting show 'X-Factor' in 2012 together with her partner Steffen Brückner (46). The two will marry in December 2019 , In 2021 they welcome daughter Suki in the world. But just a few weeks after the birth, the shock: Sarah falls down the stairs and breaks her right knee! Three weeks ago, her leg had to be amputated because of this. But the singer won't let it get her down – and has now given her first concert.

'After all, music is the best medicine'

'Hi dear ones, as you may know, I was in the hospital until a few days ago. What you don't know yet: I had my right leg amputated. This is certainly shocking for you at first, but I had time to prepare for it,' reports Sarah Nücken in a message on Instagram and Facebook. After her serious accident in 2021, she had to undergo a total of 40 knee operations, but these were unsuccessful. Because of the long waiting times due to the Corona period in hospitals, despite the surgery, they no longer move their knees properly 'and unfortunately (could) no longer play the piano because I can't bend my leg,' says Sarah . Hard times for the passionate 'Mrs. Greenbird” singer.

But now things are looking up again. Because just three weeks after her leg amputation, Sarah plays her first concert. The 38-year-old performed in front of around 120 people on Saturday at the Kulturhaus Osterfeld in Pforzheim. Before that, she 'warned' in her post on Instagram and asked the fans: 'Please be completely impartial. I am too.'

She speaks openly to her fans

Sarah Nücken does not yet have a prosthesis. She comes on stage with crutches, a boot can be seen under her long dress. She sits down and is silent while her partner Steffen Brückner talks. At some point Sarah also greets her fans and addresses them with strong words: 'You've probably noticed that I look a little different than usual. The whole thing was three weeks ago and I'll get a prosthesis at some point. Then I'll look like I used to. I had the choice to pretend nothing and lock myself at home for a few weeks and be bored. Or to play concerts and spend time with you. And I found that much, much nicer. That's why I'm here today.” What a powerful woman!

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